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Eat Beef...Kill a Wild Horse
Boycott Beef & Save Wild Horses

Republicans Engage in Vicious Political Attack on Legally Protected Wild Horses and Burros

The occasion was a sad commentary on the democratic process, when elected leaders are so intimidated by alternative viewpoints that they stack the deck and shut-out caring and dedicated citizens from sharing their personal experiences and knowledge…

To The Desert Independent

June 24, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC – Republicans on the Federal Lands Sub-Committee launched a full out assault on wild horses on public lands in the West, while absent Democratic members conducted a sit-in on gun control legislation at the Capital. What was supposed to be an “oversight hearing,” on the “Challenges and Potential Solutions for BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program,” devolved into a vicious political attack on legally Protected Wild Horses and Burros and the only advocate present to represent them. MORE

Salton Sea Workshops to be Held Across Southern California

June 13, 2016

The California Natural Resources Agency is conducting a series of workshops to provide information to the public and solicit public input on the state’s Salton Sea Management Program (SSMP). MORE

Plane Crash, Death & Other Incidents at Death Valley National Park

June 12, 2016

DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK, Calif – As summer temperatures rise in Death Valley National Park, the hottest place on Earth, risks of traveling away from the park's commonly visited areas increase. Park rangers responded recently to three major incidents in remote areas of the park. High temperatures, lack of ability to call for help in case of an emergency, and long distances for emergency responders create a sometimes-deadly combination. MORE

El Centro / La Mesa

Inmate Dies at Imperial County Jail

June 26, 2016 New

IMPERIAL COUNTY, Calif – On Thursday, June 23, at 7:32 PM, an Imperial County Jail inmate, 46-year-old, Mario Navarro collapsed as he was being escorted into his jail housing module. Immediate medical aid was provided by jail staff. MORE

PVVTA Service Changes July 1

June 24, 2016

BLYTHE, Calif – The following service changes will take effect Friday July 1, 2016:

Gold Route 2

Route service will continue to be provided based on the Palo Verde College operating schedule. Trips along the Gold Route can be made by subscription when the route is not in service. Tripper service will continue from 7th Street and Chanslorway on peak hours. MORE

Border Patrol Agents Arrest Drug, Human Smugglers

June 22, 2016

YUMA, Arizona – Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested smugglers transporting humans and more than $167,000 in narcotics during separate incidents over a three-day period. MORE

Border Patrol Agents Seize $1M Worth of Narcotics

June 17, 2016

YUMA, Arizona – Over a four-day period beginning Monday, June 13, drug seizures increased significantly at and around immigration checkpoints in Yuma Sector. More than 100 pounds of narcotics, with an estimated value of more than one million dollars were seized during that period. MORE

Search & Rescue

Two People Require Helicopter Rescue After Going Off Trail

June 14, 2016

MOUNT BALDY, Calif – On Monday, June 13 at 12:35 PM, Joshua Scarth and Alexa Nakashimada were on a hike near the San Antonio Falls area of Mt. Baldy, when they decided to leave the trail and climb up on extremely steep and unstable terrain. They eventually became stuck at the 8700 foot level in a steep area with loose shale. The two could not climb up or down and began to call for help to hikers on the Devil's Backbone trail. Multiple hikers than contacted 911. MORE

Today's Green Minute with Jim Parks

Prevention, Lane Graves, Disney World, America and Alligators

Disney World royally screwed up. They knew alligators existed in their lakes and ponds and should have taken every means possible to protect their patrons. …Could there be a lesson from Disney World for America?

Guest Opinion by GLENN MOLLETTE
To The Desert Independent

June 22, 2016

No one ever went to Disney World expecting to be attacked by an alligator. Little 2-year-old Lane Graves lost his life to an alligator last week while his family vacationed at Disney's Grand Floridian. We cannot imagine the emotional horror of the Graves family losing their son while simply wading in shallow water at the small beach adjacent to the hotel. MORE

The Outzone by John Moran

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An Email from Monika Courtney to Debbie Collins, BLM Regarding Shade for Captive Wild Horses

and Debbie’s Response

To The Desert Independent

June 21 2016

On Jun 21, 2016, at 2:53 PM, Monika Courtney <[email protected]> wrote:

Debbie, thank you for writing. The hampering slow progress is really mind goggling.

BLM is right on track with ALL else - but the welfare of the horses it "cares" for.

If BLM wanted they can move things along. It is not done in a priority manner. If air conditioners failed- how long would it take to accommodate whoever? Three years? MORE


PV School District

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District Admin Ctr
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Blythe City Council

Tue, July 12 at 6:00 p.m.
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