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State Moonlights as Slumlord

Guest Opinion 

To The Desert Independent

July 30, 2015 New

If a recent study to determine the safety of 29 state-owned buildings tells us anything, it’s that the state is a terrible landlord. In fact, it may be time for government to get out of the building-owning business. MORE

Mexican Nationals Arrested, Over $250,000 in Marijuana Seized

July 30, 2015 New

YUMA, Arizona – Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested nine Mexican nationals and seized more than 500 pounds of marijuana during separate incidents yesterday. MORE

Host Families Needed for High School Exchange Students

Through Aug 31

BLYTHE, Calif – ASSE International Student Exchange Programs (ASSE), in cooperation with your community high school, is looking for local families to host boys and girls between the ages of 15 to 18 from a variety of countries: Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Japan, to name a few. MORE

Mother Arrested for Felony Child Abuse

July 24, 2015

BLYTHE, Calif – On Wednesday, July 22 at about 4:30 p.m., the Blythe Police Department received a 911 call from a person reporting child abuse at an apartment in the 2400 block of E. Donlon. The caller told the dispatcher that a female was presently “hitting” one of her children in the head. MORE

Remove Standing Water – Prevent Mosquitoes

July 22, 2015

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif – With the recent storms, there is plenty of standing water throughout Riverside County and health officials are urging residents to empty outdoor containers that may have inadvertently filled with rain to prevent the spread of mosquito-borne illness. MORE

Border Patrol Arrests 5, Seizes Nearly 400 Pounds of Marijuana

July 21, 2015

YUMA, Arizona – Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents intercepted a human smuggling attempt and seized nearly 400 pounds of marijuana during separate weekend incidents. MORE

Careers in the Sheriff's Department

Saturday, August 15

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif – The Riverside County Sheriff's Department will be hosting a Women's Symposium on Saturday, August 15. The Women's Symposium is a free event that is open to women who are interested in a career within the Sheriff's Department. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department has various opportunities for women interested in serving within law enforcement. MORE

El Centro / La Mesa

Charges Filed Following Drowning Death in Coachella Canal

July 31, 2015 New

NILAND, Calif – On Tuesday, July 28 at approximately 6:45 in the evening, Imperial County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Siphon 7 area of the Coachella Canal in the Slab City area regarding a report of a female juvenile who had drowned in the canal. MORE

Proposals for the Recreation Center Roof Rehabilitation

Due Wednesday, August 19 New

BLYTHE, Calif – Sealed proposals for the work described in the specifications and contract documents for the Blythe Recreation Center Roof Rehabilitation Project will be received at the City of Blythe, office of the City Clerk, 235 North Broadway, Blythe, California 92225 until 2:00 p.m., prevailing local time, Wednesday, August 19, 2015. MORE

Human Smuggling Attempt Foiled in Dome Valley

July 25, 2015

YUMA, Arizona – Border Patrol agents foiled an attempt to smuggle illegal immigrants through Dome Valley yesterday morning during an effort to circumvent the Wellton Station’s checkpoint on I‑8. MORE

Shots Fired at Car – Arrest for Attempted Murder

July 23, 2015

29 PALMS, Calif – On Wednesday, July 22 at about 11:00 p.m., the victim observed a small while sedan driving with its lights out near the 7400 block of Kellogg. The driver of the vehicle brandished a handgun at the victim and drove away. MORE

I-10 at Tex Wash Bridge Opens to Traffic Friday, July 24

July 21, 2015

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is pleased to announce that Interstate 10 at Tex Wash Bridge will open to traffic on Friday, July 24, 2015 at noon. Crews will strengthen the westbound side of the bridge in order to allow two-way traffic with one lane in each direction. MORE

Today's Green Minute with Jim Parks

County Proclaims Emergency Following Bridge Collapse on I-10

July 21, 2015

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif – Riverside County proclaimed a local emergency on Tuesday following damage from Hurricane Dolores, which brought more than six inches of precipitation to the Desert Center area that collapsed a bridge and section of Interstate 10. MORE

City Council Nomination Period

July 13 - August 7

BLYTHE, Calif – From July 13 through August 7 candidates may take out and file nomination papers with the City Clerk to run for an open seat on the Blythe City Council in the November 3, 2015 General Municipal Election. MORE

Who Will Be America's Next President?

Guest Opinion

To The Desert Independent

July 31, 2015 New

Most Americans cannot tell you how many Republicans are running for President. If they are like me at this point, they don't care. I suppose if ten more people announce their candidacy we would just nod our heads sort of like Linda Blair did in the movie The Exorcist. If you didn't see the movie it wasn't pretty.

There is not much pretty right now about all the political rhetoric in our country. I guess we shrug our shoulders and say, "That's politics in America." Actually it's entertaining and will become more so. We have Lindsey Graham shattering his cell phone after Trump gave out his phone number. Rand Paul tried to become theatrical sawing up a copy of the tax code. Ted Cruz recently called Mitch McConnell a liar and Mike Huckabee has the Jews at the door of a furnace if the Iran nuclear arms deal goes through. Personally I don't like the idea of trusting anything to Iran either. If they get a bomb we will be the second people they will drop one on, right after Israel. All the while Trump's hairdo has not changed. If I had $10 billion dollars I would at least get a different haircut. While the Republicans get louder Hillary is still dealing with her email problems and Bernie Sanders is turning up the chase just a bit. MORE

Kids, Hot Cars are a Dangerous Mix

July 30, 2015 New

BLYTHE, Calif – There is never a good time to leave a child in a vehicle unattended. But, when it comes to the hot summer months, doing so can have deadly consequences. That is the message health officials want to spread throughout Riverside County during the month of August as part of its Purple Ribbon campaign. MORE

Blythe Police Activity: June 2015

BLYTHE, Calif – For June 2015 the Blythe Police Department logged 1660 Total Incidents and Documented 291 Police Reports. MORE


He Thinks His Wife is Cheating, and She Denies It

Q: I wish there was someone else to ask, but I really have no one I can trust with this. We have been married for several years and have two beautiful children. My wife is a terrific mother and I love her dearly. But I am afraid she has been having an affair. In fact, I know she has. I have seen emails and phone bills. Though I have confronted her with my suspicions and the facts, she completely denies it. I go back and forth between feeling angry for what she is doing, and feeling like an idiot for being paranoid. She has another business trip coming up and I have seen the most recent emails between her and a colleague. It is so obvious. What do I do?

A: To take liberties with an old adage, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean your wife isn’t cheating on you.

The fundamental issue here is, perhaps, your inability to trust your gut. Trusting one’s gut is really what this men’s work is ultimately all about. Once we clear away the crap that keeps us from listening to our truth, hearing that little voice within, or trusting our instincts, our choices become painfully obvious. I say painfully because sometimes, as in your case, being clear might mean having to make painful choices. MORE


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