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Helicopter Rescue Injured Hiker in Chino Hills State Park

September 5, 2016

CHINO HILLS, Calif On Saturday, September 3, at 9:30 in the morning, the San Bernardino County Sheriffs department received a call from California State Park Rangers at the Chino Hills State Park. The rangers requested assistance from the Sheriff's Aviation Unit to rescue a hiker, Mary Glaser (age 56 of Yorba Linda) who had been hiking on a trail and had slipped. As a result of the fall, she suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was unable to hike out of the area on her own.

Sheriff's 40King1 helicopter responded and quickly found her in a steep narrow ravine and requested Sheriff's Air Rescue 06 helicopter to perform a hoist rescue. The crew was able to land on a ridge above her and Deputy Dave Cruz exited the helicopter and hiked down to her.

Air Rescue 06 helicopter responded and positioned the helicopter over Glaser. Crew Chief Corporal Mike Ells lowered Air Medic Bernie Horak down approximately 80 feet to the ground. Glaser was placed in a Screamer Suit rescue harness and hoisted into the helicopter, followed by Horak and Cruz.

Glaser was flown to Chino Hills Dog Park and transferred to a ground ambulance for treatment of her injuries.

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