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An Open Letter to Charles Bush, Supt.

Time for a Reality Check

Opinion by RoBERT JENSEN
The Desert Independent

January 5, 2017

Well, Chuckie, it would appear that I know a whole lot about you, but I need to apprise you about where I'm coming from.

Word has reached me that you are venting your putrid spleen on the cabinet and administrators for feeding me information. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I am not inquiring and am protecting them.

I have degrees in History and Russian as well as a Master's in Educational Administration. I have everything but a Thesis for my Doctorate in Adult Education. I like to do research.

I have served as a Middle School teacher for 17 years, two of which as the Palo Verde Teachers Association President. I spent 8 happy years as vice-principal at BMS. I was booted upstairs to Coordinator, State and Federal Programs for three years before the recession forced me into early retirement.

Since then I have fed the poor at Harmony Kitchens, written for The Desert Independent and had a four-year stint on the school board.

Everybody knows me and I know them.

It would appear from Facebook postings that I am quite popular in Fort Bragg as well, where I glean much of my information about you and your depredations

I maintain contacts with the present school board with the exception of Mrs. Mullion, so leave her alone.

The empty seats in the business office and the "resignation" of Ms. Cox in purported favor of Ms. Angel repeat the patterns you have set before.

A leopard does not change its spots. The past predicts the future.

I have known and respected Mr. Ulmer for over a decade, I have bumped heads with Dr. Guith since 1993, I have worked with Sonny Hernandez and Sam Burton used to work on my campus.

My legions are everywhere.

I know where the "bodies" are buried.

Knowledge is power.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Please, as far as you are concerned, consider me the most dangerous man in town.

P.S., What was this deal in Cinnamon where you absconded with car wash funds from an active fourth grade and used them for a field trip for a lackadaisical sixth grade? Pretty high handed.

Next: Cries of racism and a video obfuscation.

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