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Scooter ‘n’ Oaks

A Charming Book for Children and Cat Lovers of all Ages

Book Review from The Desert Independent

January 30, 2016

Author: Phyllis Bartels

Published in October 2016, Scooter ‘n’ Oaks: A Cat Adoption Story is retired educator, Phyllis Bartels,’ premier work. This fictionalized tale takes place in “everybody’s home town” of Prescott, Arizona during the course of a summer day.

The action begins when a visiting friend suggests that she and her host go for a drive. “A lonely lady” – the host – unexpectedly ends up with not just one, but two rescue kittens whose names are “Timmy” and “Mark.” The book’s first chapter teaches children about the pet adoption process with compassion and gentle humor, and shares some similar themes with human adoption.

In order to answer the question, “Where did ‘Scooter’ and ‘Oaks’ come from?” the author adds a second chapter hereby doubling the page count to 64. Twice the length of a typical children’s book, Scooter ‘n’ Oaks also includes a hands-on section containing coloring pages, a maze, word search, and other activities geared for elementary age students.

Chapter two skillfully shifts focus from the lady, now identified as “Momma P,” back to the kittens. Curiosity over their names is heightened and then answered, prompting readers to recall how they named their own pets. Scooter and Oaks’ personalities develop through convincing dialogue and expressive illustrations. Occasionally at odds with one another, pumpkin-colored Scooter and his dark bodied half-brother, Oaks, settle in to their forever home.

Scooter ‘n’ Oaks is richly illustrated with more than 25 hand drawn, digitally enhanced watercolors by college-age artist, Rebecca Spiess, and eye-catching geometric backgrounds by the author showcase its text.

Scooter ‘n’ Oaks: A Cat Adoption Story is available on Amazon. Anyone wishing to purchase signed copies can do so by contacting the author via text (928) 273-2491 or email: [email protected].

The real Scooter and Oaks may be seen online at or

Here are some sample excerpts from Amazon: “Awesome read for any age”; “A perfect book to give every new cat owner”; “My son loves the story and the workbook section is fun and interactive;” “…a wonderful present for the grandkids.”

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