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Bush Contract

ROBERT "Lincoln Steffens" JENSENBy ROBERT "Lincoln Steffens" JENSEN
The Desert Independent

January 12, 2017

BLYTHE, Calif The contract held by current Palo Verde USD Supe Charles Bush has been received from Becky Walker, current Superintendent of Fort Bragg. It was signed the 15th of May and is good until June 30, 2017.

It does not appear to have any sort of "pay-out" clause.

He does appear to be overpaid in Blythe, however, receiving a salary of $195,000 versus a salary of $129,000 in Fort Bragg.

There is one interesting clause. If he should decline sign on as superintendent, he will be reassigned in a position with his monthly salary minus the base salary of a first year teacher.

Another clause calls for reimbursement for all travel expenses.

Yet another calls for a physical exam by a physician indicated by the Board of Education.

To read the entire contract, click Bush Fort Bragg Contract.pdf

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