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California’s housing construction prices vs. the rest of the nation

Guest Article by JASON MUELLER
To The Desert Independent

July 29, 2017

Please note that the opinions, facts and figures presented here are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the view of The Desert Independent, LLC.

California is a beautiful state and there are several reasons that many people have considered building or buying a home in the area. There are plenty things to do, places to visit and the weather is beautiful all year-round. Construction is done through reputable home builders, providing people with homes that are sustainable, beautiful, and large enough for expanding families and host a variety of outdoor entertainment areas.

The Cost to Build a Home in California

The costs associated with building a home in California vary depending on the size and specifics that are wanted inside the home.

In California, the cost to build a home can run anywhere from $150 to $500 per square foot depending on the size and engineering required to build the home. It is important to consider the layout, extras and amount of space that the homeowner wishes to have. If the home is on a slope, has special additions or requests that need to be fulfilled, or requires special permits can also increase the price.

When a homeowner builds a home in California, they build a dream home that they will live in for years, making the cost worth the build in the long-run. California homeowners enjoy having decent property value for their investment in an area they love, while also living in a home that suits them.

The Cost to Build a Home in Other States

On the east side of the country, a home in New York City can cost as little as $179 but as much as $300 per square foot, which is expensive. The close city proximity to everything, multiple boroughs and other extras that are in the city may not be ideal for some homeowners, making the cost much too high for the hustle and bustle that comes from such a large city.

Source: Flickr/New Home Construction in Modesto, California

In Phoenix, Arizona, you can expect to see prices around $145 per square foot to build. This is a bit lower, but many people do not prefer to live in a desert or extremely dry area. Phoenix is also a large place where you will often find homes closely situated to one another and some people enjoy living in smaller communities, especially communities where there is plenty of space to have privacy on your own property and not feel as if you are living right on top of your neighbors. The temperatures can soar well into the 100’s in Arizona, making people think about moving to other cooler and comfortable areas of the nation, including California.

In California’s neighboring city of Seattle, Washington, you can expect to pay around $280-$300 per square foot of space to build a home. The Seattle is known for being rainy and is another large city filled with many people and close spaces.

On average, the prices for home construction nationwide range around $150 per square foot to build. The average price for a new home purchase is around $287,000. The price to build however, can range from the high $100,000’s to the low $400,000’s. It all depends on the homeowner and their wants and needs. This is the national average of building a home throughout the entire country.

Choosing to Build in Sunny California

As compared to some of the other states throughout the country, California has slightly higher prices but when compared to the areas, California has much more to offer the homeowner. California is a beautiful place to raise a family or just work, play and live life. With many cities, towns and smaller suburb areas, the state gives you plenty of options.

Who wouldn’t want to explore numerous national parks, eat unlimited tacos, soak up the sunshine, hit the waves and beaches or just find your title piece of heaven? California is a place where everyone feels comfortable, confident and there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for everyone. It’s nice to build a home in a state that is worthwhile.

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