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Bob Jensen Dead

Bob JensenJune 8, 2017

BLYTHE, Calif – On Wednesday, June 7, Bob Jensen passed from this world into the next.

He railed against what he saw as injustice in his town of Blythe on behalf of the school children and teachers. He worked hard at Harmony Kitchens to feed those who could not feed themselves. He struggled for years with alcohol addiction. He never gave up. However, finally his body gave up on him.

Bob was just getting his life back together. He had secured a new apartment. Was lining up a new computer and just got new internet service when he started having new severe health issues last month. He told me he was feeling pretty bad and was as “weak as a kitten” back in mid-May. I told him to take it easy and give it a rest.  But Bob being Bob, he couldn't not get out there and take on what needed taking on. I received another article from him just a few days later – it would be his last –  “Whither the Middle School” published on May 21.

Bob Jensen goes back with us at The Desert Independent at least 10 years on and off. He served the people of Blythe both as a reporter for this publication and as a member of the Palo Verde Unified School District Board of Trustees.

Blythe will miss you Bob and so will I.

Bob Winkler, Publisher
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