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Bush vs. Trump

An Exercise in Comparison and Contrast

The Desert Independent

April 10, 2017

BLYTHE, Calif One does not have to look far nor cogitate long on the similarities between the current President of the United States and our own erstwhile Superintendent of the Palo Verde Unified School District. Following is a listing of those qualities that both gentlemen have in common.

  • One refers to undocumented aliens as "Bad Hombres" and the other as "the leetle brown ones.

  • One wants to bankrupt his arena with border fences and the other with massive sun shades.

  • One is a pathological liar and the other has issues with "truthiness.

  • One can attribute his election to the efforts of a foreign power and the other to a home-grown religion.

  • One refers to females as "nasty women" and the other demands their resignations.

  • One hires his daughter to work in his bailiwick and the other his wife.

  • One never admits to a mistake and the other never learns from his.

  • Employees of both gentlemen come to work not knowing if they will have a job at the end of the day.

  • Each considers the Freedom Caucus or the Board of Trustees as "not knowing their place."

  • One is a megalomaniac and the other thinks pretty highly of himself.

  • One is a narcissist and the other can't pass up gazing into the mirror.

  • One has issues with Freedom of Speech and the other stifles "I Can't Breath" t-shirts.

  • Both cannot but help to brew up hostile work environments.

  • One was hired to raise Common Core test scores and the other just eliminated the Common Core statutes.

  • Litmus test for prevarication? Both sets of lips move.

  • One "grabs them by the 'p---y' and the other garners sexual harassment complaints.

  • Neither has a clue as to how many people are disgusted by them.

  • Both are very expensive as one needs upkeep on Trump Towers/Mar-a-Lago and the other garners wrongful termination litigation.

  • One has over 500 yet-to-be-filled administrative vacancies and the other has a cabinet that is currently at "half-staff."

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