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PV School District Board Meeting – Tuesday, March 7

The Desert Independent

March 6, 2017

BLYTHE, Calif – There will be another bloodletting of a Board meeting coming up on March 7 at 6:00 p.m. at the District Office. At this time, no one knows whose head is on the chopping block, but Supt. Bush brought a reputation from Fort Bragg of ruling through fear, intimidation and terminations that brought relatives and cronies into newly-created positions.

In a response to a previous article regarding the mid-year dismissal of a well-liked principal who was employed by the district for 25 years, a comment was elicited from a reader in Mr. Bush's previous district of Fort Bragg USD. Without naming the author for fear of reprisal, this well written missive is presented in its entirety. Please remember that this board abandoned its due diligence in doing a background check on its sole employee – the Superintendent.

To wit:

Mr. Bush has terrorized district after district. He throws his weight and insults around until he has everyone totally afraid for their jobs and their children! He falsifies data to justify his actions, he bullies anyone who dares to complain, and recruits employees from his list of unqualified family and friends.

Why anyone would befriend this crooked scam artist is beyond me.

We, from Fort Bragg, tried to help you but got no responses to our warnings. You will probably be forced to buy out his contract while you struggle to repair the massive damage he has left in his wake. This seems to be his pattern thus assuring him 3 year's salary for 2 years of "work" Our schools are still trying to recover and there are still lawsuits pending against him here.

This man needs to be stopped from ever being able to get a job again! I have personally reported him to our county and state Departments of Education but he seems to be allowed to keep conning his way through. I urge you all to not cave in to his demands. He must be stopped!

Again, if any reader cannot attend the Board Meeting at 6:00 on March 7, please let your fingers to the walking (including the Fort Bragg folks) and indicate your disdain for Mr. Bush and the Board's abdication of its most precious responsibility.

Board Members:

Mr. John Ulmer – President
[email protected]
[email protected]

Mr. Alfonso “Sonny” Hernandez – Clerk
[email protected]

Dr. Norman C. Guith – Member
[email protected]
[email protected]

Mrs. Jamey Mullion-Member
[email protected]

Mr. Samuel Burton – Member
[email protected]

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