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Elementary School Shakeup

Supt. Charles Bush Claims Another Victim

The Desert Independent

February 28, 2017

BLYTHE, Calif In a sudden move last Tuesday morning, Personnel Director Jeremy James came to the Ruth Brown campus with bad news for the Principal. We are not going to name that principal in print as she has unjustifiably been humiliated enough and we do not want to impair any future job prospects. Mr. James explained that there were allegations of wrongdoing on her behalf and that she was being placed on administrative leave with pay for the remainder of the school year. When asked exactly what the nature of the "wrongdoings" were, there was no answer.

It was also reported that until an Interim Principal could be placed, Mr. James and Margaret White Principal April Smith would divide their times covering the day-to-day administration of Ruth Brown.

At the School Board meeting that night, the Board met in closed session for an hour and a half to discuss the situation. In open session, President Mullion would only state that a Principal had been placed on leave and that she would be reassigned to a teaching position next year.

Supt. Bush visited the staff at Ruth Brown several days later and assured them that this well-liked Principal "had done nothing wrong." He further averred that the Board "felt that the school needed to move in another direction." Then he announced that Twin Palms Principal Rachel Angel would split her time between the Continuation High School and Ruth Brown Elementary making for a grave disservice to the students and staffs of both schools.

This move comes after several closed door meetings in which Mr. Bush attempted to bully and intimidate the Principal into turning in a Letter of Resignation. This follows the pattern he set in his former district of Fort Bragg in which administrators were forced out in mid-year to make room for Mr. Bush's friends and cronies.

So what is it? Allegations of 'wrongdoing" per Mr. James or "did nothing wrong" per Mr. Bush. The sleaze emanating from the Office of the Superintendent continues unabated every single day.

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