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Resume Redux and the Ides of March

The Desert Independent

February 3, 2017

BLYTHE, Calif Thanks to the Riverside County Department of Education and their response to a California Public Records Act request for alleged human being and Superintendent Charles Bush's resume, The Desert Independent now has that document for the edification of the voting public.

In a previous article we postulated that Mr. Bush may have submitted a resume on his application omitting his disastrous experience in Fort Bragg school district. If he had done so as he did in his introductory article in the Palo Verde Valley Times, it would be cause for a sorely needed instant dismissal.

Unfortunately for this beleaguered school district, he did indeed list Fort Bragg as his last place of employment.

However, there are items in his resume that should have raised both eyebrows and hackles on any reasonable person that reads it. Unfortunately, it never made the attention of the Board who simply hired him on the County's recommendation.

First, it appears that Mr. Bush is a gypsy carpetbagger that never spends more than two years in any district. There are a plethora of positions listed for the past two decades that makes one wonder of both his stability and dependability. Too many jobs in too short a time.

Secondly, there is a dearth of references from Fort Bragg. None at all. He apparently did not make any friends while he was there.

To read his curriculum vitae, please read the attached PDF file by clicking HERE.

On another matter, the educational Ides of March are approaching. This refers to the law in which any certificated employee must be notified by March 15 if he is to be non-reelected for the next year. This allows for personnel planning and gives the affected teacher or administrator ample time to find another job else-where.

Oftentimes the employee is called into the District Office and given the opportunity to resign rather than have a non-reelect on his job history. Administrators with more than three years in their positions are allowed to go to the classroom. Those with less are plumb out of luck.

This writer has received several phone calls from administrators and teachers from whom Mr. Bush has already started demanding letters of resignation. The purge has begun.

There is not a lot one can do to protect himself from this process. The most important rule anyone should follow is if called to the District Office never see the Superintendent alone!

This may tame his temper and intimidation tactics, maybe not. However, it is vital that a witness be present. If you are a teacher, your union rep should absolutely be present. If you are an administrator, grab anyone willing to face his wrath.

Advertise in The Desert IndependentIf it turns out to be a hostile meeting, the affected persons need to write down statements as to what was said and done while still fresh in both memories.

The Purge not only is here, but has been since last fall when High School Principal Brandy Cox mysteriously submitted her resignation at mid-year that was later rescinded. The folks at Fort Bragg learned to keep their heads down and mouths shut. It is past time that folks at PVUSD did the same.

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