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Whither Patriotism Exercises

The Desert Independent

April 23, 2017

BLYTHE, Calif Since taking over as President of the School Board in November, Newly-elected Board President Jamie Mullion has replaced the traditional rotational leading of the Pledge of Allegiance with a presentation of the meaning of Patriotism by each of the individual board members. She make a presentation garnering in a group of students from RB and, later on, Sonny Hernandez made a spiel regarding the changing uniforms by the various services over the years. All well and good; the only problem I have is what constitutes a "Patriot."

We have taught schoolchildren that the ultimate in patriotism is the exemplar set by Nathan Patrick Hale as he was about to be hanged for treason, "I have only one regret; that I have only one life I can give for my country."

Here we need to differentiate "country" and "government." We live in a Republican form of government in which we elect those that run the day-to-day operations. The only pure democracy is the New England Town Hall Meetings where the whole town throngs to cast a vote on every agenda item no matter how trivial. If you do not care how you voted, impeach yourself and change your vote the next time around.

All of those that would cast their own votes and are less-than-satisfied may re-cast their ballot the next time around. This is, of course, only in New England Town Hall Meetings. There are no "rainy day" elections on the local, state and national venues.

The Declaration of Independence has a clause in it by which if a government (remember a government and country are two different entities, the citizenry has not only a right, but a duty to overthrow said government. Does this not run afoul of "America, Love it or Leave it" or "If you can't speak the language, get out of the Country!"

There are numerous examples of those, who in the face of danger placed their lives on the line to protect others. How many unnamed "grunts" threw themselves on top of a German "potato masher" if only to protect the members of their patrol.

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