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Helicopter Rescue of 16 Year Old Hiker

February 5, 2017

APPLE VALLEY, Calif On Saturday, February 4 about 5:00 p.m., the victim (a 16 year old female from Fontana) was hiking in the Bowen Ranch area of Apple Valley in steep terrain when she became exhausted and dehydrated. She was unable to walk any further and friends hiking with her called 911.

San Bernardino County Fire Department personnel responded and hiked down to her location. They found the victim was unable to hike out on her own and determined she would need to be hoist rescued by helicopter. The victim was located approximately one mile down steep terrain from the top of the trailhead. San Bernardino County Sheriff Air Rescue Helicopter 07 was requested to assist.

The crew of Air Rescue 07, with Corporal Michael Gilley, Deputy Wayne Hess, Flight Nurse Kenny Lard, Flight Nurse Stacey Price and Dr. Steve Patter son responded. The crew located the victim and Fire Department personnel in the steep canyon and determined the victim would need to be hoisted.

Crew Chief Deputy Hess lowered Flight Nurse Lard 65 feet down to the victim. The victim was secured into a rescue harness and hoisted into the helicopter, followed by Flight Nurse Lard. Once in the helicopter, Flight Nurse Lard and Dr. Patterson determined the victim was not suffering from life threatening injuries. The crew flew the victim to a nearby waiting ambulance for treatment and transport.

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