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Hiking safely throughout Riverside County

April 2, 2017

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif – We are entering the time of year when hiking is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by the public in various locations throughout Riverside County. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department would like to remind hiking enthusiasts to carry proper equipment for any outdoor excursion. Proper preparedness includes a well-thought-out travel plan shared with friends and family, as well as familiarity with common hiking equipment, such as GPS, maps and compasses, proper clothing and plenty of water. It is also a good practice to stay on the trail and conserve your cell phone battery.

Riverside County search and rescue teams are an essential component of the Sheriff's Department as they are primarily responsible for all search and rescue missions involving lost or stranded persons in the County of Riverside. Search and rescue teams consist of a group of dedicated volunteers who donate their time by responding to callouts ranging from lost and injured hikers, skiers and rock climbers to missing children and at-risk missing adults.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department can seek reimbursement costs for resources utilized during the search and rescue.

Members respond to a variety of locations including: desert landscapes, woodland areas, and rocky and mountainous terrain. Members may also be requested under the California Mutual Aid System to respond to other counties for search requests or natural disasters.

The DSSAR and RMRU teams are premier Search and Rescue (SAR) teams in Riverside County and the rest of Southern California. Along with its sister teams, it is responsible for search and rescue operations in one of the most populous counties in California and the 10th largest in the U.S. With an area of more than 7,000 square miles, the team must be prepared to handle a variety of environmental and terrain challenges.

Advertise in The Desert IndependentTransporting the correct safety gear to search and rescue efforts is essential. DSSAR and RMRU are staffed with dedicated volunteers and operate with the help of generous donations from groups and individuals. For more information about how to help DSSAR and RMRU by contributing a tax deductible donation, please contact the Desert Sheriff Search Team at [email protected], or the Riverside Mountain Rescue Team [email protected].

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