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Man dies on San Bernardino Peak

May 30, 2017

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif On Sunday, May 28 at about noon, San Bernardino County Sheriff Air Rescue Helicopter 306 received a call from San Bernardino County Fire dispatch regarding an injured hiker along the San Bernardino Peak Trail. Due to the mountainous terrain and the known altitude of San Bernardino Peak, a helicopter better equipped to handle the altitude, 40King3 assisted in the search for the injured hiker.

While on route to the location, Fire Dispatch updated the call stating that the victim was unresponsive and bystanders were performing CPR.

Once on scene, the crew of 40King3 located the victim, 45-year-old male, approximately 1/8-mile South/West of San Bernardino Peak at the 10,200 foot level of San Bernardino Peak. The victim was with 2 others who appeared to be performing CPR.

Air Rescue Helicopter 306 arrived on scene approximately 3 minutes after 40King3 and immediately performed a hoist to reach the victim. Deputy Hess lowered Deputies Stine and Yee to the victim, who determined the victim needed immediate transportation to Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) for advanced life support care. The victim, Stine, and Yee were hoisted 85 feet back to Air Rescue 306 and the victim was flown and released to Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he was pronounced deceased.

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