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Sheriff's helicopter rescues stranded Alta Loma man on Mount Baldy

May 2, 2017

MT. BALDY, Calif On Sunday, April 30 at approximately 5:10 p.m., the San Bernardino County Sheriff's desert patrol helicopter 40King2, was dispatched to the area of San Antonio Creek, Mt. Baldy, after a man was reported yelling for help.

Upon arrival, 40King2 began a search for anyone in distress. While conducting an area check, the crew observed a white male adult, later identified as Scott Cossey (age 36 of Alta Loma) waving a blanket and his arms in the air. Cossey was at the 8,000 foot level and standing on an approximate 6-foot ledge. There was no way for Cossey to go up or down to get to safety. The crew determined a hoist rescue was needed to get Cossey safely off the mountain.

40King2 landed at Cow Canyon to pick up an air medic and to configure the helicopter for a hoist rescue. Once the medic was on board the helicopter, the crew returned to Cossey to perform the rescue. 40King2 hovered above Cossey and the medic was lowered to him. Once the medic made contact with Cossey, the medic placed him into a rescue harness and Cossey was hoisted into the helicopter followed by his backpack and then the medic.

40King2 then returned to Cow Canyon with Cossey and the crew and released Cossey to the deputy on scene. Cossey did not receive any injuries during the incident.

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