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Blythe City Council

Tues, April 28 at 6:00 PM
City Council Chambers

PV School District

Board Meeting
Tues, May 5 at 6:00 PM
District Admin Ctr
295 N 1st St, Blythe

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Cinco De Mayo Festival

Saturday, May 2

BLYTHE, Calif – Blythe’s annual Cinco de Mayo festival will again at the Joe Wine Recreational Center Saturday, May 2 from 2:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. The street festival is a family event where there will be music, food and more. Come and check it out. This is a fundraiser for the Rec-N-Crew and Joe Wine Recreational Center. MORE

Attempted Armed Robbery

April 21, 2015

BLYTHE, Calif – On Sunday night, April 19, at about 10:00 p.m., the Blythe Police Department received a 911 call from an employee at Teddy’s Donuts reporting an attempted armed robbery. The employee told the dispatcher that a male had entered the store with a handgun and ordered him to open the cash register. When the employee refused the suspect left the store. MORE

Alarm Nets Burglar

April 16, 2015

BLYTHE, Calif – At about 9:45 p.m. on Monday, April 13, the Blythe Police Department received a report of a burglar alarm activation at a business located in the 400 block of W. Hobsonway. When officers arrived they found a rear window to the business was broken out and the rear door left open. The closed business was searched but no one was found inside. MORE

County Homeless Population Down

April 14, 2015

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif – The number of homeless people living in Riverside County dropped 16 percent compared to two years ago, and the number of chronically homeless fell by 17 percent, according to a countywide survey conducted January 28.

The Riverside County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) Homeless Programs Unit has commissioned the bi-annual counts since 2005, when they were first required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The "point in time" count totaled 2,467 adults and children, compared to the 2,978 counted in 2013. MORE

CRIT Reports Many Remaining Issues in Plan for Blythe Solar Project

April 10, 2015

BLYTHE, Calif – On April 2, Chairman Dennis Patch, of the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) sent a formal letter of comment to the California Energy Commission commenting on the second review draft of the Cultural Resources Monitoring and Mitigation Plan for the construction of the Blythe Solar Power Project. MORE

Today's Green Minute with Jim Parks

Court Sting Operation

April 23, 2015

INDIO, Calif – On Wednesday, April 22, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. officers from the Palm Desert Police Department conducted an undercover “Court Sting” operation at the Larson Justice Center located in the city of Indio. The operation targeted suspected DUI drivers whose licenses where suspended/revoked or drivers who were unlicensed. MORE

Caution Buying Rec Center Raffle Tickets

April 21, 2015

BLYTHE, Calif – On Saturday, April 18, the Blythe Police Department was made aware of a few individuals purportedly selling raffle tickets around town to raise money for the City of Blythe Recreation Center. The persons selling the raffle tickets stated that they were raffling off a vehicle. MORE

The Lost Million Dollar Diamond

A Desert Independent Flashback

By Don Moore
Special to The Desert Independent

Originally Published April 10, 2010

April 19, 2015

For years now this writer has frequented a local truckstop for the excellent meals served in their restaurant. This trucker's oasis-in-the-desert is located not far from Blythe, California. During one such regular visit for lunch, my friend "Red" Pond and I were seated next to the trucker's section, enjoying our meal. MORE

Letters to the Editor

An Open Letter to the Orange County Register's Editorial on Concealed Carry

Orange County Register Ed: Self-defense is cause enough for concealed weapon permit (4/9/15)

April 12, 2015

To the Editor,

We have three US Supreme Court decisions, including two recent ones in 2008 and 2010, which said that concealed carry is not a right. State courts have likewise upheld prohibitions on concealed carry dating back over 200 years. As a newspaper, the Orange County Register obviously knows that there is a difference between speech which is protected under the First Amendment and speech which is not protected. The First Amendment does not protect death threats, slander, libel, blackmail or extortion. MORE

A Key to Happiness

Guest Opinion

To The Desert Independent

April 24, 2015

Americans hoard too much stuff. Everywhere I go in small or large towns I see storage facilities being built. Americans have "stuff" and we need more storage space. We spend most of our lives wanting stuff and then we have to worry about keeping or maintaining what we have accumulated.

My wife and I cleaned out a bedroom closet recently. I looked through my clothes and saw too much I had not worn in the last year. I bagged it and carried it off to the local charity pickup truck. I realize they will sell it but they will sell it for cheap and somebody else will hopefully use it. I suspect together we hauled off seven or eight bags of clothes. I really don't buy that much but I had a lot of clothes that I had accumulated and I thought just maybe someday I might put some of them to use. Some stuff was just old and outdated and as I hate to confess, some of it wouldn't fit anymore. MORE

Riverside's Wanted Fugitives

Riverside DA Logo

RIVERSIDE, Calif – A listing of current wanted fugitives by the Riverside District Attorney.

Big Bang Theory

Home Country
To The Desert Independent

April 7, 2015

Instead of the philosophy counter, we were at the righteous round table yesterday, because Herb got there first and he picked. It’s a good venue at the Mule Barn truck stop when you’re expecting more than three or four members of the world dilemma think tank.

But we weren’t expecting Windy.

Here he came, Alphonse “Windy” Wilson, feed store philosopher extraordinaire, and parlayer of his own peculiar palaver.

“Hi guys,” Windy said, “what a treat to discover you all here in togetherness this fine morning.”

“We’re here every morning, Windy, drag up a chair,” said Doc. MORE


He Fears His Relationship with Daughter is Beyond Repair

Q: I have to admit that I have not been a good father to my daughter. Though I have changed significantly in recent years, my temper has truly scarred her. She is afraid of me. I can see it in her eyes. Over the years, she has kept her distance. I am so proud of her. She is a terrific student, athlete, and young woman. I love her very much. I am not certain she knows that. All I want is to be her father. I have been without hope for a long time. I suppose writing to you suggests that I have not given up. But I just do not know what to do.

A: Your situation reminds me of the recent movie, The Wrestler. Mickey Rourke’s down-and-out character desperately wants to reconcile with his daughter, whom he had abandoned. He succeeds in the early stages, only to repeat his old habits and lose his daughter forever. Perhaps this is a cautionary tale for you.

It’s never too late to be the man, father and husband you want to be. But if you’re not committed, as the “Ram” clearly was not in the film, your efforts will likely create additional pain. MORE

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