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Guest Opinion

By DR. GLENN MOLLETTE, Syndicated Columnist
To The Desert Independent

September 12, 2020

Dr. Glenn MolletteFall season officially begins September 22 this year. For every season there is a change. Most of us like the seasons especially if we can have four of them.

I like the fall as the weather seems more stable in our part of the country. For our neighbors in California they are desperate for anything that will bring rain and an end to the devastating fires. This has been a cruel, harsh time that we pray passes by and ends very quickly for California.

On the east and gulf coast there is always another looming hurricane this time of year. Flooding and devastation have already occurred in Louisiana with the potential of more to come.

Every season brings the possibilities of pleasant weather but also severe weather. Very much like our lives every season brings change because we have no choice but to deal with the change. When snow comes, we adapt and enjoy the change.

Our lives are like seasons - change comes. If we are fortunate, aging occurs. Children grow up. Our vocational lives and dreams change, mature, flourish or become a distant memory. Our lives are like an interesting book. Your life is probably very interesting if you were able to write out the whole story. Maybe you should write about your life? Write it out for someone later to read about. If you decide to do so write about the hard times as well as what you want everyone else to know.

Whenever you read or write a book it requires turning the page or writing a new page. You can't finish the book if you stay on the same page. When our parents die, we have to turn the page. When we bury a spouse or loved one, we have to turn the page. When we change jobs or careers that require transition it's tough but we have to turn the page. When children grow up and move away or no longer have time to be with us then we must turn the page.

A good friend is selling his lovely home. I can see that's it a tough time emotionally as he has invested so many years into where he lives. He and his wife are moving into a smaller condominium. He loves his beautiful yard but he knows it's time to turn the page as their age and health have changed.

The one difference between reading a book and life is that you may not finish reading the book but we all finish life. You either turn the pages of life or in time they are turned for you. The worst decisions we make are no decisions. We procrastinate. We delay paying into retirement. We delay a health test. We put off what we dread and it doesn't make it better.

Live a good life. Make decisions. Turn the page and keep going. Don't get stuck on the same page in the same chapter. Run your race. Finish your course. Turn the page. MORE

The opinions expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the view of The Desert Independent, LLC.

Calf Branding & The Virus

Home Country
To The Desert Independent

September 12, 2020

SLIM RANDLESWe were just getting the branding fire going well at the Rafter E when Dud brought out the tape measure. We stared at him until he said something through his corona mask.

“How long do you figure a calf is?” he asked.

We looked at each other. Steve said, “I don’t know … four feet?”

“I mean when they’re lying down and being worked. You know, from the head to the hind legs?”

“Stretched out, maybe five feet,” Herb said.

“Gotta measure that branding iron,” Dud added. “Three feet. So two branding iron lengths is a social branding distance.”

“The virus, right?”

Dud and his mask nodded.

Steve scratched his head, then put his hat back on. “Dud, I’m pretty sure you can’t catch that danged virus from a calf.”

“I know that,” Dud said, “But Anita told me I had to treat you guys just like the people I run into at the store.”

We all looked at each other and grinned.

“Dud, you like that horse of mine, don’t you?” said Steve. “Well see, Ol’ Snort likes you, too. So why don’t you just get on him and do some heeling and dragging. I happen to know my catch rope is ‘way socially distant.”

In such ways do some of us deal with change.

Brought to you to honor those masked folks who wait on us in the coffee shops and take our temperature at the doctor’s office. Thank you for your courage. MORE

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