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School Board Meeting Notes (May 05)

Testing…..Testing…. (Apr 20)

Layoffs and Travel Expenses (May 02)

Arrogance and Humility (May 17)

Surprising, But Not Unexpected (May 24)

Elk River Area Schools Board Not Consulted Re: Alan Jensen (Apr 29)

The “N” Word (May 22)

The Soul of A Horse (May 26)

Timeline For Dr. J. (June 6)

Portents of Things to Come (June 13)

Getting to Know the Chief (June 13)

Dr. Lucero Responds to Grand Jury Findings (June 20)

Thinking Outside the Box (June 27)

Good News – Bad News, June 24th Board Meeting (June 27)

Blansett Named as Ruth Brown Principal (July 08)

True Colors Shining Through (July 08)

Confessions of a Comic Book Geek (July 12)

Interview with Dr. Sahlolbei (July 26)

Holy Heart Failure, Batman!! Movie Review (July 26)

56.7% Drop-Out Rate for Twin Palms! (July 26)

Letter - Dropout Rate at Twin Palms (Aug 02)

200 Pounds of Irish (July 19)

Those Pesky Friday Notes (July 19)

The Cancer Trip (Aug 02)

Those 20 Businesses (Aug 11)

A Reader to our Reporter (Aug 16)

Jeremy James named Appleby Principal (Aug 16)

Wither Leadership? (Aug 23)

Urban Myths and Legends (Aug 23)

UmbrellaGate Redux (Aug 31)

It Won’t Happen Here (Sept 20)

What if the Hospital Board Ran the Cemetery? (Sept 30)

Ashburn Urges PUC to Stand by Original Decision (Oct 11)

Environmental Impact Report for Power Project Released (Oct 17)

Letter - Seatbelt Violation Turns Away Future Resident (Nov 13)

Clifford Ringwald - American (Nov 13)

Imperial County Solar Project (Nov 26)

Letter - Going Against the Justice System (Dec 7)

Pressure to Build Transmission Lines Imperils Farmland (Dec 14)

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