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Christmas Gift Theft - Winkler (Dec 30)

Domestic Violence - Winkler (Dec 30)

Redevelopment Agencies to be Eliminated - Winkler (Dec 29)

AZ Attorney Gunning for Ex, Stopped & Jailed - Winkler (Dec 27)

Riverside to go After Marijuana Dispensaries in Unincorporated Areas (Dec 26)

Hospital Audit Presented - Jensen (Dec 25)

$15,637 Incentive & Power Plant - Jensen (Dec 25)

Video: Gallop for Life (Dec 22)

Results of Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Redevelopment Agency Audit (Dec 20)

Rachel Cortezar, RN: Palo Verde Healthcare District Employee of the Year - Jensen (Dec 20)

Remembering Eric Wilson - Jensen (Dec 18)

Tree Lighting Ceremony at Hospital - Jensen (Dec 18)

Kris Kringle Conveys Kids to K-Mart - Jensen (Dec 18)

Ruth Brown NEHS Food Drive - Jensen (Dec 18)

Chamber of Commerce Mixer - Jensen (Dec 18)

Oscar Galvan New Mayor of Blythe - Jensen (Dec 13)

Evans States His Case(s) - Jensen (Dec 13)

Red Ribbon Poster Winners - Winkler (Dec 11)

High School Teacher Honored - Winkler (Dec 11)

New Trustees Sworn in to School Board - Winkler (Dec 11)

December Students of the Month - Winkler (Dec 11)

Annual Holiday Lightrunner (Dec 08)

Domestic Violence at Broadway Manor - Winkler (Dec 08)

Domestic Violence at Silsby Garden Apartments - Winkler (Dec 07)

Assault with a Deadly Stick - Winkler (Dec 07)

A Breath of Life - Jensen (Dec 06)

Blythe FFA Honored as Outstanding - Jensen (Dec 06)

Board Members Attend CSBA Conference - Jensen (Dec 04)

Christmas Parade - Jensen (Dec 03)

Appleby Students Collect 769 Cans of Food - Jensen (Dec 03)

Annual Holiday Mixer - Jensen (Dec 03)

A Christmas Letter from Blythe - Markle (Dec 02)

Burglary on N. 6th Street - Winkler (Nov 29)

Wild Mustang Killed by BLM…Because She was Old - Winkler (Nov 27)

Thanksgivers to Harmony Kitchens - Jensen (Nov 25)

Fire Department Receives Wildfire Gear (Nov 24)

Early Morning Burglary, Guns Stolen - Winkler (Nov 23)

Parking Lot Speeder Causes Accident - Winkler (Nov 22)

Jennifer Cyr Intoxicated & Kicking, Batters Police - Winkler (Nov 22)

High School’s Got Talent - Jensen (Nov 20)

Turkeys Flock to Harmony - Jensen (Nov 18)

U.S. Taxpayers to Subsidize Foreign Meat Industry - Winkler (Nov 17)

Birds on a Wire...Beads on a String - Markle (Nov 17)

4WD The Bradshaw Trail (Nov 17)

Final and Certified Election Results - Winkler (Nov 16)

Recognize, Retreat, and Report! (Nov 16)

Burglary at Sunrise Apartments (Nov 15)

911 Call for Help Leads to High School Break In Investigation - Winkler (Nov 10)

Riverside Sets Solar Toll of $450/Acre - Winkler (Nov 09)

Truck "Checks Into" Blythe Inn (Nov 08)

Ribbon Cutting to be Held at Scout House - Winkler (Nov 07)

Car Crashes County Health Services Building (Nov 07)

Spring Street Festival - Jensen (Nov 06)

Homecoming Game a Blowout - Jensen (Nov 06)

November School News for Students - Brandon (Nov 04)

Wellman and Carney Honored for School Board Service (Nov 04)

November Students of the Month - Winkler (Nov 04)

District Refunds Facility Fee for Blythe Cancer Research Center (Nov 04)

Lawsuit Seeks to Overturn California Open Carry Ban (Oct 29)

Homecoming Safe Ride Shuttle - Winkler (Oct 28)

“No Confidence” in Dr. Hottois Leadership - Winkler (Oct 26)

Officer Pushed, Culprit Escapes & Later Caught (Oct 25)

Mid-October School News from the Students - Brandon (Oct 24)

PV High School Getting a Fence? - Jensen (Oct 23)

Catching Up With the College President - Markle (Oct 22)

Southern Baptist Church Burglarized & Vandalized (Oct 19)

Homecoming 2011 (Oct 18)

Light Turnout as New High School Principal Meets the Community - Winkler (Oct 17)

Woman Assaulted by Ex-Boyfriend (Oct 17)

Rio Mesa Solar Plant to be Built 13 Miles SW of City - Winkler (Oct 16)

Dr. Hottois Retiring as Palo Verde College CEO - Winkler (Oct 12)

Head Start Back to School Night - Jensen (Oct 12)

Where are the Men in Horsemen? - Fitch (Oct 10)

“777” is a Winning Number at Appleby Elementary - Jensen (Oct 08)

City Receives Praise from SoCal Edison - Jensen (Oct 08)

October School News from the Students - Brandon (Oct 06)

High School Awarded $375,000 to Improve School Safety (Oct 06)

October Students of the Month - Winkler (Oct 06)

Report Out on Fight at High School - Winkler (Oct 02)

Fight at Rumors Lounge (Oct 03)

Walk to School Day on October 5 (Sept 30)

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day – Saturday, October 8 (Sept 30)

High School Has New Principal - Jensen (Sept 29)

Zion Fall Schedule to Include Wednesday Service (Sept 27)

Fernando’s Affordable Blinds Calls Police on Problem Customer (Sept 25)

No Mayor for Quartzsite? - Desert Freedom Press (Sept 23)

Girl Scout House Vandalized (Sept 22)

Fight at High School (Sept 22)

Suspect Arrested in Quechan Park Death (Sept 20)

Margaret White Identified as School with Testing Irregularities (Sept 19)

Man Found Dead in Quechan Park (Sept 19)

Solar Trust Explains Delays - Jensen (Sept 15)

School Testing Irregularities (Sept 14)

Bounced Beer Cooler Leads to DUI Plus (Sept 14)

New CERT Administration & Training Center (Sept 13)

Back to School Night - Jensen (Sept 12)

Norman Taylor III JROTC Center Dedicated - Jensen (Sept 11)

BLM Back in Court: Inhumane Treatment of Horses (Sept 10)

Quartzsite Mayoral Recall Election Challenge Filed in Superior Court (Sept 10)

Caught While Taking A Walk (Sept 09)

Blythe Public Schools: "No Bully Zone" (Sept 08)

Family Swim Event Big Splash (Sept 07)

Quartzsite Videographer Arrested in Town Hall (Sept 06)

February Rape Suspect Surrenders (Sept 06)

A New Name for Blythe - Markle (Sept 05)

New JROTC Facility Dedication Friday, September 9 (Sept 03)

Appointees Sought for Desert Mental Health Board (Sept 03)

Stabbing Near N. Eucalyptus (Sept 02)

House Break at Gunpoint on N. Acacia (Sept 02)

Man Stabbed While Riding Bike Near Engevik Park (Sept 01)

Decade of Trauma in Riverside County (Aug 29)

City Council Slate Finalized - Jensen (Aug 26)

Palo Verde Disposal to be Sold - Jensen (Aug 24)

Two Dead Bodies in Joshua Tree (Aug 24)

Crosswalks Installed at Appleby - Jensen (Aug 24)

Palo Verde College Softens Budget Shortfall (Aug 24)

Family Swim Day, Labor Day (Aug 27)

Blythe Kids Attend Cheerleader Camp - Winkler (Aug 22)

Albertsons Strike Looms (Aug 21)

Blythe Middle School Orientation - Winkler (Aug 20)

Tim Maley Passes Away - Jensen (Aug 20)

Solar Millennium Switches to Photovoltaic Panels for Blythe Project - Winkler (Aug 20)

DUI Checkpoint on August 20 (Aug 20)

Portions of Cibola Valley Conservation & Wildlife Area Temporarily Closed (Aug 19)

Maria Paz’s Killer Captured (Aug 18)

Aug 23 Deadline to Registrar for Mail-In Ballots (Aug 18)

BLM Set to Decimate Cloud's "Herd" (Aug 17)

School District Adopts Anti-Bullying Policy - Winkler (Aug 17)

Obama’s BLM Now Hanging Foals in Waiting - Vanderstad (Aug 13)

Maria Paz Shot and Killed (Aug 12)

Stabbing at Engevik Park (Aug 12)

Proof of Immunization Required for School (Aug 06)

Palo Verde Hospital Base Station Status Restored - Jensen (Aug 05)

Running for School Board - Winkler (Aug 05)

Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Aug 03)

Administrative Changes Announced for School District (Aug 01)

Pack it Out - Winkler (July 30)

Boating Accident on Colorado Near KOA (July 30)

Surveillance Camera Thief Caught (July 30)

Surveillance Camera Thief (July 26)

Proposed City Budget - Jensen (July 23)

Visitor’s Pack Left Behind, Returned (July 22)

Speeding Car Leads to Methamphetamine Arrest (July 22)

Walker Resigns as Palo Verde Valley High School Principal (July 18)

Desert Dolphins Hold A Swim Meet - Jensen (July 16)

Hit and Run, Felony Evading (July 13)

Budget Woes to Hit School District - Jensen (July 11)

The True Unintended Consequences of Horse Slaughter - Holland / Tobin (July 11)

Republican Plan for Social Security Pensioners - Kamensky Cartoon (July)

Final DAIT Presentation to School Board - Jensen (July 09)

Riverside County, Solar Developer Reach Agreement - Winkler (July 09)

Michael Slayton Identified as Missing Colorado River Victim (July 07)

Woman Drowns in River Saturday (July 05)

The Bombs Bursting in Air - Markle (July 04)

Michael Slayton Missing in Colorado River (July 03)

Rochester NY Police Harass Bystander - Winkler (July 02)

PVVTA Service Change (July 01)

County Delays 2% Solar Tax - Jensen (June 29)

Truck Stolen & Recovered (June 29)

Another Win in Saving Wild Horse Herd from BLM Eradication - Fitch (June 29)

Firework Safety Urged this 4th of July (June 29)

Caldera Hit on Bike, Dies (June 26)

County's Public Defense of Solar Tax Fails - Jensen (June 25)

Parenting Principals & Communications (June 22)

Zoning Change for RV Park Put on Hold - Jensen (June 21)

Gov. Brown Addresses Solar Groundbreaking - Jensen (June 21)

DUI Checkpoint Saturday, July 2 - Jensen (June 21)

2% Franchise Fee May be Imposed on Solar Project - Jensen (June 19)

Details Made Available on Fire Station #43 Funding - Jensen (June 19)

Swim Team Takes Off ! - Jensen (June 17)

Stephanie Alford : Law School Graduate (June 17)

Community Emergency Response Team Just Keeps Growing - Jensen (June 14)

Firefighter Concessions Keep Blythe Station Open (June 11)

Lisa Schlehuber Named Blythe Middle School Principal - Jensen (June 11)

High School Graduation 2011 - Jensen (June 10)

Classified School District Employee of the Month of June - Jensen (June 08)

Blythe Middle School Academic Awards - Jensen (June 08)

Theft at City Hall (June 08)

KUDOS to Palo Verde Hospital - Letter (June 07)

Riverside Sheriff Issues More Layoff Notices (June 04)

Tea Party timetable for taxation of the Rich - Kamensky Cartoon (June)

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Required (June 04)

Pool Safety (June 03)

Woman Stabs Sleeping Man (June 02)

Arrest for Child Beating (June 01)

Letter: Cure Diabetes, Save Taxpayer Dollars (June 01)

Letter: Has Blythe Lost Its Railroad? (June 01)

School District May Not Meet Its Financial Obligations - Jensen (May 28)

Shotguns Stolen/Recovered in Fifth St. Burglary (May 28)

CERT 2011 Training Rodeo Photos (May 28)

Motorcycle Hits Truck (May 28)

Arts and Humanities Academy to Run This Summer - Jensen (May 27)

Arrest for Vandalism (May 27)

School Administrative Changes Announced - Winkler (May 24)

Riverside Sheriff Provides Alternative Budget to Prevent Layoffs (May 25)

I-10 Memorial Day Weekend Alert - (May 23)

Fire Restrictions in Effect for the California Desert (May 21)

Stolen Vehicle / More Trouble at Rio Colorado (May 21)

Welcome Center Proposed - Jensen (May 20)

New Student Representative to the School Board - Jensen (May 20)

Beltran Arrested in Yanika Daniels Killing (May 20)

Three Men Arrested for Railroad Theft (May 20)

Classified School District Employee of the Month of May - Jensen (May 20)

Rolling Thunder on Hobsonway - Jensen (May 18)

New Rule Before Returning to School - (May 16)

Palo Verde Ice Company’s Ice Plant Cleanup Begins - Jensen (May 15)

Final Environmental Study Out for Desert Center Solar Plant (May 15)

DUI Prevention Program at Palo Verde Valley High School (May 14)

Riverside Sheriff Considering Massive Layoffs to Balance Budget (May 14)

Family Swim at Palo Verde High School - Jensen (May 13)

Cyrus Jiminez Wins Gold at Regional Science Fair - Jensen (May 13)

Educators Nicole James and Kris Oldham Honored - Jensen (May 13)

CERT Fire Extinguisher Training (May 13)

“Trainer of Trainers” Teachers Certified - Jensen (May 12)

City Council Meeting - Jensen (May 10)

Woman Shot & Killed at Patty’s Bar & Grill - Blythe Police (May 08)

Cinco de Mayo Celebration - Jensen (May 08)

Fly the Blue (May 08)

Tea Party Helping Seniors & The Poor - Kamensky Cartoon (May)

Cinco De Mayo Celebration May 7

Pickup Stolen from Provident Bank, Recovered - Blythe Police (May 08)

CHP Cruiser in Collision at Hwy 95 & Chanslorway (May 07)

May Students of the Month - Jensen (May 06)

Classified School District Employee of the Month of April - Jensen (May 06)

Random Shootings at 481 N Eucalyptus - Blythe Police (May 06)

School District Hires Business Director - Jensen (May 04)

Community Meeting To Be Held (May 04)

House Burglary While Owners Sleep - Blythe Police (May 03)

Margaret White Elementary School Burglarized - Blythe Police (May 01)

How Aircraft Mishaps Can Make Us Safer - Winkler (Apr 30)

Desert Roadrunner Offers New Free Service (Apr 30)

Morgan Meza Named HealthCare District Employee of the Month of April - Jensen (Apr 29)

County to Close Fire Station #43 - Jensen (Apr 29)

Annual JROTC Awards - Jensen (Apr 28)

Domestic Violence - Blythe Police (Apr 27)

Remembering Norman Taylor - Jensen (Apr 24)

Good Friday at Harmony Kitchen - Jensen (Apr 23)

Abbreviated Special School Board Meeting - Jensen (Apr 22)

Traffic Solution to I-10 Tie-Ups in Coachella Valley (Apr 22)

Man Dies in Ripley Shotgun Incident (Apr 20)

Man Wanted in Walnut Creek Arrested - Blythe Police (Apr 19)

Theft at Blythe Nursing Care Center - Blythe Police (Apr 19)

Arrest Made on Felony Warrants - Blythe Police (Apr 18)

CERT Drawing Winner - Jensen (Apr 18)

New Mural for Ruth Brown Bears - Jensen (Apr 17)

Five Kilometer Fun Run/Walk at High School - Jensen (Apr 17)

City Tax Initiative Put on Hold (Apr 17)

School Budget Crisis Update Meeting (Apr 16)

PVVTA Fiscal and Performance Audits (Apr 13)

Classified School District Employees of the Month - Jensen (Apr 13)

County Board of Supervisors Vote to Expand Current Jail Facilities (Apr 12)

Prison Bus Run Added (Apr 11)

Brandy Cox – Palo Verde Unified School District Teacher of the Year - Jensen (Apr 08)

April Students of the Month - Jensen (Apr 08)

Whitewater Detention Center Delay Possible (Apr 08)

PVVTA Board of Directors Meeting (Apr 06)

Mysterious Fragrant Business on Hobsonway - Jensen (Apr 04)

Colorado Fair Comes to a Close - Jensen (Apr 03)

Vacancies Available on County Boards and Commissions (Apr 02)

The Inland Empire Quality of Life Summit (Mar 31)

Marcella Thomas Honored - Alford (Mar 30)

Eric & Judith Stroschein Arrested for Embezzling Jaycees - Winkler (Mar 30)

Garcia Picked Up on Warrant, Escapes, Recaptured - Blythe Police (Mar 29)

Moods Elevated at Hospital Board Meeting - Jensen (Mar 28)

Blythe City Council Ponders Placing Tax Hikes on November Ballot - Jensen (Mar 28)

Twice Upon a Time’s 1st Annual Fashion Show - Jensen (Mar 27)

School District Budget Crisis Presentation - Jensen (Mar 26)

Concerns from the Acting School Superintendent - Bilek (Mar 26)

Submit Comments On BLM's Wild Horse Strategy - In Defense of Animals (Mar 25)

Community Emergency Response Team Receives Radio Microphones - Jensen (Mar 24)

Former Manager of Cemetery District Arrested and Charged with Embezzlement (Mar 24)

Two Women Stabbed in Fight at Rio Colorado Apartments - Blythe Police (Mar 26)

JROTC Duck Races at B&B Bait - Jensen (Mar 20)

Man Struck by Car - Jensen (Mar 20)

Burglary at the American Legion - Blythe Police (Mar 20)

St. Patrick’s Day at Harmony Kitchens - Jensen (Mar 20)

Celebrating Women’s History Month (Mar 19)

Runzi Chen – Elementary Student of the Month of February - Jensen (Mar 19)

Maria Soria – Classified Employee of the Month for February - Jensen (Mar 19)

Palo Verde High School Meets Governor’s Challenge - Jensen (Mar 19)

Burglary at K-Mart - Blythe Police (Mar 18)

Earthquake Preparedness Begins at Home (Mar 17)

Learn to be a Weather Spotter (Mar 16)

High School Passes Accreditation - Walker (Mar 15)

New Playground Officially Opened - Jensen (Mar 14)

Budgets Bewail PVUSD and PVC - Jensen (Mar 06)

Becoming Educated - Markle (Mar 05)

March 1 PVUSD Trustee Meeting - Jensen (Mar 05)

A Blast From the Past (Mar 04)

Appleby PTO Thank You (Mar 02)

Tax Relief for PAL Youth Programs (Mar 02)

Science Fair Winners - Jensen (Feb 27)

BLM Pulls Plug on Massive Winter Wild Horse Roundup (Feb 25)

Meth Arrest near Chanslorway and 7th Street (Feb 25)

Mayflower Park Dedication (Feb 24)

Burglary on Riviera Drive - Blythe Police (Feb 22)

BLM Backs Down from Horses in Colorado (Feb 20)

Got Tires? Recycle Them for Free (Feb 20)

Arrest for Meth Sales - Blythe Police (Feb 19)

Appleby Playground Under Construction - Jensen (Feb 18)

Blythe Realty Becomes RE/MAX (Feb 17)

February Students of the Month - Jensen (Feb 16)

School Board February 15 Meeting News - Jensen (Feb 16)

Rape Suspect Eludes Police in High-Speed Chase - Blythe Police (Feb 16)

Former Ramsey Truck Center Re-Opens as Empire Southwest - Winkler (Feb 13)

Open Letter to the 112th Congress to Protect our Wild Horses - Leigh (Feb 13)

'Death by GPS' in desert - Knudson (Feb 11)

Jose Manjarrez Charged With Domestic Violence - Blythe Police (Feb 11)

Students of the Month & Other Honors Presented - Jensen (Feb 05)

Spring Street Festival - Jensen (Feb 05)

Informative Workshop on Responsibilities of School Site Councils Planned (Feb 05)

BLM Criticized for Rejecting Private Sanctuary for Wild Horses (Feb 04)

Health Care District Meetings - Jensen (Jan 31)

Spelling Bee Results - Jensen (Jan 31)

Kamensky Cartoon - "Pyr-Mids" (Jan)

Fatal Accident on Hobsonway - Blythe Police (Jan 27)

Helicopter Roundups Are the Most Humane Way to Gather Wild Horses - Cattoor (Jan 24)

Coachella School Superintendent & Assistant Placed on Leave - Jensen (Jan 23)

Dept. of Interior Gets 106 Million $$ Raise to Store Captured Horses - Grass Roots Horse (Jan 22)

Two Youths Snatch 86 Year Old’s Purse, Caught - Blythe Police (Jan 24)

Two Car Crash on Hobsonway - Blythe Police (Jan 24)

Marijuana Arrest at Rio Colorado - Blythe Police (Jan 18)

Bluegrass Festival a Success - Jensen (Jan 17)

Bob Bilek – Acting Superintendent of Schools - Jensen (Jan 17)

Kamensky Cartoon - Is It Mightier? (Jan)

Thoughts on Summit of the Horse - Kohleriter (Jan 13)

Thieves Steal Motorcycles – Tracks Lead to Arrest - Blythe Police (Jan 11)

13 Year Old Stabs Older Relative - Blythe Police (Jan 09)

Artillery Shell Brought to Sheriff’s Station - Winkler (Jan 05)

Top Ten Local News Stories of 2010 - Jensen (Jan 03)

Getting Started in the New Year - Markle (Jan 01)

Kamensky Cartoon - Quick-Draw Snowman (Jan)

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