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Blythe Jail Assaults & Attempted Escape (Dec 30)

Keep Free Speech in America - Mollette (Dec 29)

Over the Edge with GPS - Kamensky Cartoon

Approval Recommended for Proposed Blythe Solar Power Project (Dec 28)

Christmas Tree Recycling Helps Fish in Riverside County (Dec 27)

Quick-draw Snowman - Kamensky Cartoon (Dec 25)

Duped - Kamensky Cartoon (Dec)

Desert Sunlight Team Brings Holiday Cheer to Desert Center (Dec 23)

Couple Found Dead at Residence (Dec 23)

An Affair to Remember - Clemens (Dec 20)

We Need the Tonic of Wildness - Roy (Dec 20)

Burglary at Village Indoor Market (Dec 20)

America's Miserable Minimum Wage Crisis - Mollette (Dec 20)

Car Lemon Law May See Some Changes (Dec 17)

Burglary at City Recreation Center (Dec 17)

Accident Takes Out Fire Hydrant (Dec 12)

Two Arizona Men Stopped on I-10, 16 Firearms Found (Dec 07)

Home on North Willow Burgled by Neighbor (Dec 05)

Obama’s BLM Continues Assault on American Wild Horses over Holiday Weekend - Fitch (Dec 03)

You Are What You Support - Clemens (Dec 02)

Looking Past Thanksgiving - Mollette (Nov 02)

Woman Kidnapped by Ex-Boyfriend (Nov 25)

How Many Roads? - Clemens (Nov 23)

Veterans Hospitals Killing Our Soldiers Slowly - Mollette (Nov 23)

Fight Property Theft with CopDots (Nov 19)

TotallyUnprepared.Com Makes Earthquake Preparedness Fun and Effective - Winkler (Nov 17)

Paint Recycling Collection Site (Nov 17)

Inquiry on Equine Welfare Standards for BLM / Shelter for Holding - Courtney (Nov 11)

General Patton Memorial Museum Veteran's Day Celebration - Winkler (Nov 11)

Walk and Bike to School Day (Nov 08)

Community Meeting on Graffiti Abatement and Enforcement (Nov 08)

Solving Obamacare and Our Medical Insurance Crisis - Mollette (Nov 06)

Where Have all the Dollars Gone? - Clemens (Nov 06)

What Does the Secretary of the Interior have against Wild Horses - Winkler (Nov 04)

Secretary Jewell Dodges Question about NAS Report and Wild Horses (Nov 04)

Cathedral City Man Arrested for Picture Burglary (Oct 30)

City Council Candidate Sharon (Sheri) Jones Voted “No Confidence" - Winkler (Oct 28)

“We Ain’t as Stupid as They Think We Are!!!" - Fitch (Oct 25)

Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection on Saturday (Oct 24)

Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert Terminated - Jones (Oct 22)

On Being Number One - Clemens (Oct 22)

Congress Kicks the Can – Americans Turn Blue - Mollette (Oct 22)

Calif Cops Can Seize Emails Without Warrant after Governor Veto (Oct 21)

Child Struck by Car (Oct 21)

Homecoming Safe Ride Shuttle, Friday & Saturday, Oct 18 - 19

Arrest for Meth Sales (Oct 17)

Good News as US Manufacturing Returns to our Shores - Clemens (Oct 12)

Road Terror, Motorcycles, SUVs and the Second Amendment - Mollette (Oct 12)

Stabbing on Seventh Street (Oct 11)

County Helps Blythe Repair Community Center (Oct 11)

Burglary at Elks Lodge (Oct 04)

Why Congress Opposes Health Care? - Clemens (Oct 02)

Government Shutdown Puts 50,000 Captive Wild Horses At-Risk of Neglect (Oct 01)

Uncle Sam on the Fiscal Cliff - Kamensky Cartoon (Oct)

Robbery at Shell (Sept 30)

Stabbed by Girlfriend (Sept 28)

American Energy and Independence – We Have Work to Do - Mollette (Sept 25)

There’s good news and bad news - Clemens (Sept 25)

Palo Verde Valley Transit Agency to the Rescue Again (Sept 25)

Blythe Community Forum on Graffiti (Sept 25)

Car Seat Clinic (Sept 21)

Clarifying Community Center Needs (Sept 21)

Employee of Farmers Insurance Arrested for Embezzlement (Sept 20)

Searchers Needed in Imperial (Sept 20)

To the American Public and the Bureau of Land Management - Courtney (Sept 15)

Memorial Funds Established for Solar Workers (Sept 14)

Dollar General Store Opens (Sept 14)

The American Jobs Crisis - Mollette (Sept 14)

A Henry Ford Needed Now - Clemens (Sept 14)

Burglary Suspect Arrested Wearing Stolen Clothes (Sept 10)

Roll Over on Intake (Sept 10)

Nine Good Reasons to Go to War - Clemens (Sept 08)

City Razes Unsightly Todd Park Utility Buildings (Sept 05)

Body Found in Desert Identified as Kennedy (Sept 05)

Syria – Count the Cost - Mollette (Sept 04)

Increased Fees for Imperial Sand Dunes (Sept 02)

Roasted Hatch Chiles for Sale at Albertsons (Sept 01)

On the Road to Damascus - Clemens (Aug 31)

Body Found in Desert (Aug 29)

Labor Day Holiday Weekend on the Colorado (Aug 28)

Man Missing for 11 Days (Aug 28)

Plane Crash Near Desert Center (Aug 27)

Hit and Run Traffic Accident (Aug 27)

Egypt – Turn Off the Money - Mollette (Aug 25)

Civil Rights Violations Then and Now - Clemens (Aug 25)

Cactus to Correction: How Chuckawalla & Ironwood Came to Town - Cusick (Aug 24)

Parker, Arizona Police Chief Placed on Leave - Jones (Aug 22)

Knife Attack at McDonalds Results in Arrest (Aug 22)

Pickup Going Wrong-Way on 95 Hits Semi (Aug 20)

Forced Entry & Burglary on Cottonwood Lane (Aug 20)

Temporary Closure for Portions of the Cibola Valley Conservation and Wildlife Area (Aug 18)

Obama-Putin: New Cold War - Kamensky Cartoon (Aug)

City is Unaware of any Lack of Ethics of its Employees (Aug 17)

Judge Grants TRO to Stop Sale of Wild Horses at NV Slaughter Auction (Aug 17)

And Even More Media Misdirection - Clemens (Aug 17)

Impaired Driving to be Targeted by Blythe Police Checkpoint (Aug 13)

Obama Administration’s Forest Service Permits Federally-Protected Wild Horses to be Captured & Sent to Slaughter Auction (Aug 12)

American Politics, Human Failures – Help Available for All - Mollette (Aug 10)

New Commercial Projects Making Progress (Aug 09)

USDA/Forest Service Shuts Down Public Observation at Controversial Wild Horse Roundup (Aug 08)

Man Stabbed Near Church on South Willow (Aug 05)

Blythe Police Department Addresses Vagrancy Issue in Legal, Proactive Manner (Aug 03)

City Focuses on Repairing Broken Sidewalks (Aug 03)

Police Chief Rescinds Retirement Notice (Aug 03)

CNG Station Progress (Aug 03)

To be or not to be - Clemens (July 27)

Ehrenberg Teacher Arrested in Blythe, Fired by School Board - Jones (July 27)

BNET Arrests Local for 3 Felonies After Chase (July 27)

Keep American Government and Religion Separate and Keep it Peaceful - Mollette (July 27)

City Provides Keynote Address at CVAG General Assembly (July 21)

State Announces Program to Help Struggling Homeowners (July 21)

County Supervisors Approve Dedicating Solar Money to the Communities Nearest Solar Plants (July 20)

New Hampton Inn to Finally Begin Construction (July18)

Meth & Money Seized Along with Arrest on E Michigan (July 14)

Assessed Property Values in Riverside County to Rise for First Time in Five Years (July 14)

Henry Avalos Arrested in Indio for Auto Theft (July 13)

21st Century Business Model - Clemens (July 13)

We Must Overhaul the Role of the TSA and Who Pays the Bill - Mollette (July 13)

Clarifying Park Use Permits and Insurance Requirements (July 10)

Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Budget Passed by City Council (July 10)

Truck Wreaks Havoc Near Fifth & Rice (July 9)

Pricing Global Intervention in the 21st Century - Clemens (June 29)

County Clerk Awaiting Further Court Action Regarding Issuance of Same-Sex Marriage Licenses (June 29)

Car Crash at 3rd & Murphy (June 29)

Woman Held Hostage Inside Apartment (June 29)

BLM Harasses Captive Horses with a Truck - Fitch (June 25)

Two Arrested for Methamphetamine Sales (June 23)

Abortion - Mollette (June 22)

Child Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested (June 21)

Man on Bike Shot at Random Update (June 21)

DUI Collision on Lovekin (June 21)

BLM Whines in Response to Documented Abuse and Neglect in Mismanaging US Wild Horses and Burros - Fitch (June 13)

Privacy is No Longer an Option - Mollette (June 09)

Wild Horse Report Out, BLM Doing it Wrong (June 06)

Transient Camp at Former Shell Gas Station Set Afire in Assault (June 05)

$100 Bounty Earned for Graffiti Arrest (June 04)

DUI Collision Causes Power Outage along East Chanslorway (June 04)

Media Misdirection - Clemens (June 03)

America Must Keep a Strong Military - Mollette (May 24)

Homemade Explosives Found at Ripley Apartments (May 23)

DUI Checkpoint Announcement (May 20)

Fatal Off-Road Collision (May 20)

PVHS Vandalism (May 20)

Energy – Stop Using Foreign Oil - Mollette (May 19)

August 1 Deadline to File for Unclaimed Property Tax Refunds (May 19)

Looking Back at the Easter Egg Hunt - Clemens (May 17)

Microchipping on the Way for your Cat & Dog? - Winkler (May 12)

Woman on Personal Watercraft Lost & Stranded Overnight, Found - Winkler (May 12)

Melissa Selph Hits Light Pole (May 09)

Miguel Cervantes Jr. Holds Woman at Gunpoint in Her Home (May 09)

Enroll Now for Summer Session at Palo Verde College (May 09)

Flat Screen TV Stolen from Saint Joan of Arc Church (Apr 29)

Mini-Bike Rider Injured in Collision with Jeep (Apr 29)

Our American Economy - Mollette (Apr 25)

North Carolina Man Arrested for DUI after 100 MPH Speeds (Apr 25)

Macroeconomic Proposal - Clemens (Apr 22)

Collision on River Road at 5 Points (Apr 21)

Thefts From Unlocked Cars on Village Drive (Apr 21)

Steve Roth Tribute to Elvis (Apr 19)

BLM Harasses 2nd Amendment - Jones (Apr 14)

Immigration, Be Legal - Mollette (Apr 07)

What’s Cheap Ain’t Cheap - Clemens (Apr 04)

Threatened at Gunpoint at 5-Points (Apr 03)

Palo Verde College Joins Program to Train 10,000 Older Workers for New Jobs (Apr 02)

McCoy Solar Energy Project Approved by Interior Dept - Winkler (Mar 29)

Lewd Acts with a Child (Mar 28)

Video: Anatomy of a Roundup - Kathrens (Mar 23)

Social Security - Mollette (Mar 22)

Officer Promoted (Mar 22)

Bicyclist Killed in Traffic Collision (Mar 22)

Theft at the Fairgrounds (Mar 22)

English Spot Wins Best of Rabbit Show (Mar 17)

Senior Robbed & Beaten (Mar 16)

RDO Shares the Green, and Shows their Commitment to Education (Mar 06)

Attempted Rape Using Stun Gun (Mar 04)

AT&T Local Cell Network Improved (Mar 04)

Are the Rich & Poor Deserving of their Situations? - Clemens (Mar 02)

Slaughter of U.S. Horses Soars as Horse Meat Scandal Explodes - Equine Welfare Alliance (Feb 27)

Country Wash Laundromat Burglarized (Feb 26)

Salton Sea Update (Feb 24)

Palo Verde College Receives Clear Accreditation Status (Feb 17)

Riverside County Fair & Date Festival (Feb 15-24)

Desert Center Receives $85,000 from Desert Sunlight Fund for Community Projects - Winkler (Feb 10)

Bills to Save the Salton Sea Introduced (Feb 10)

2013 Desert Bloom Rally (Feb 10)

Could China Foreclose on West Coast States & Texas? - Clemens (Feb 03)

Car Stolen, Eludes Police on Dirt Roads (Feb 03)

Robbery & Assault in Mesa Verde (Feb 01)

Chevy Hits Trailer on Murphy (Feb 01)

Desert Learning Center Now at Zion Lutheran Church (Jan 29)

County to Hold Tax-Default Online Property Auction (Jan 27)

Evidence of BLM Wild Horses Sold to Probable Slaughter (Jul 25)

New Interim VP of Instructional & Student Services at PVCC (Jan 25)

PVHS January Student of the Month - Jensen (Jan 21)

PVUSD Educators of the Year - Winkler (Jan 21)

Armstrong - Humor Kamensky (Jan 20)

Bluegrass Festival Here Again Jan 17)

PVVTA to Mark 35th Anniversary (Jan 13)

Palo Verde College Classes Begin Monday, January 14 (Jan 13)

Engagement - Pierce & Welty (Jan 07)

New COP Members Sworn In (Jan 07)

How Safe is Your Hospital Really? - Jones (Jan 05)

Clemens Lemons (Jan 02)

Woman Finds Strange Man in Bed (Jan 02)

Burglar Escapes, Stash Found (Jan 02)

Graffiti Culprit Caught “Red” Handed (Jan 02)

Juvenile Caught Breaking into High School (Jan 02)

Over the Edge - Humor Kamensky (Jan 01)

Harmony Overwhelmed - Jensen (Jan 01)

The Next Cliff - Kamensky (Jan)

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