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2015 – Deciding between Good and Best for the Year Ahead - Mollette (Dec 30)

Christmas Eve Stabbing (Dec 29)

Recycle Your Christmas Tree (Dec 26)

Boat Fire Leads to Discovery of Residential Burglary (Dec 24)

Don't Kick Santa Across the Yard, Move On, Give and Celebrate Christmas - Mollette (Dec 24)

Federal Officials, Horse Advocates Disagree Over Wild Status for Heber Herd - Fitch (Dec 16)

Hold up Two Fingers, America falls behind China - Mollette (Dec 15)

Driver Injured in Canal Incident (Dec 10)

Midday Stabbing on Hobsonway (Dec 10)

County Streamlines Approval Process to Make Adding Guest Homes Easier (Dec 08)

Nighttime Sweetness and Hope - Randles (Dec 05)

America's Cops and Eric Garner, Tragic, but Don't Fight the Police - Mollette (Dec 05)

Occupants OK After Pickup Enters Canal Behind PVHS (Dec 01)

Continuing Fraud Schemes & Resources to Combat Them (Nov 30)

Car Stolen in Palm Springs Recovered (Nov 27)

Thanksgiving—Shine Like the Stars - Mollette (Nov 23)

Arrest for Drugs and Stolen Weapon (Nov 19)

Three Dead at Residence on South Sixth Street (Nov 18)

Free Household Hazardous Waste Collection on Saturday, November 22 (Nov 18)

Riverside Sheriff’s Observations on the Recent 9th Circuit Court Decision on Concealed Carry Weapons (Nov 14)

Accidental Drowning off Aha Quin Resort (Nov 12)

Protect our Wild Horses & Burros (Nov 11)

Arrest for Sale of Meth, Marijuana and for Child Endangerment (Nov 11)

Monitoring Complete of Two County Travelers from West Africa (Nov 11)

Mitch McConnell, Change and Hurting America - Mollette (Nov 07)

Dewey Decker - Randles (Nov 06)

New Officer for Blythe Police (Nov 06)

Check Your Smoke Alarms (Nov 02)

Halloween Safety Tips (Oct 31)

Search Warrant Results in Substantial Meth Seizure (Oct 30)

America Should Not Go Greek in the Bathroom - Mollette (Oct 30)

Riverside County Health Officials Monitoring 2 People Who Recently Traveled to West Africa (Oct 29)

Probation Check Nets Drugs, Gun & Arrests (Oct 28)

Alarm Catches Thief at Community School (Oct 27)

Ebola Website Established in Riverside County (Oct 21)

Telephone Townhall for Restaurant Owners (Oct 20)

Nevada Ranchers Suffer From Self-Deluded Drought Denial - PEER (Oct 18)

Ebola, Stop the Flights from West Africa - Mollette (Oct 18)

Pedestrian Struck on Freeway (Oct 16)

Shots Fired at Residence (Oct 16)

Religious Entities Must Protect Our Freedom or Lose Our Freedom - Mollette (Oct 10)

Opinion: Newbie NYT Reporter Suffers Chronic Attack of Hoof in Mouth Disease, AGAIN! - Fitch (Oct 10)

Join Citizens on Patrol (Oct 10)

Bus Transportation Available for PVHS Students to Attend College & Career Fair (Oct 09)

More Fraud Schemes (Oct 09)

Green Dot MoneyPak Scams on the Rise (Oct 08)

First Case of Enterovirus D68 is Confirmed in Riverside County (Oct 08)

Shooting on Agate Road (Oct 08)

Arson / Use of a Destructive Device (Oct 07)

Handgun Stolen & Recovered, Arrest Made (Oct 07)

Crash at Hobsonway and Neighbors (Sept 30)

Prescription Access Now Law (Sept 28)

Harvest Time in America, Pursuing and Reaping Happiness - Mollette (Sept 28)

Community Improvement Fund Board Supports Measures W, X and Y (Sept 24)

Blame it all on Watermelon and Pumpkin Pie - Randles (Sept 22)

A Movie Shoot is saved by Quick County Action (Sept 19)

Overcharged Tax on an Auto Purchase? Get Your Refund (Sept 19)

Wild Horses, Deception and the Despicable Feds - Fitch (Sept 15)

Governor Brown Signs Legislation to Provide Millions of Californians with Paid Sick Leave (Sept 14)

Attempt Homicide (Sept 12)

Assisted Suicide in America - Mollette (Sept 10)

Home Invasion (Sept 04)

Infant Death (Sept 04)

Losing the Ebola War - Bamidele (Sept 04)

Free TV Threatened (Sept 03)

Car in Canal on Defrain (Sept 02)

Traffic Stop Nets DUI (Sept 02)

Ready Aim Fire - Clemens (Sept 01)

First Confirmed Human Case of West Nile Virus in Riverside County this Year (Aug 31)

Labor Day, Any Day, Count Your Blessings - Mollette (Aug 30)

DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint (Aug 30)

75 Horses Dead in BLM Care - Courtney (Aug 27)

State Confirms Mosquitoes in Riverside County Test Positive for West Nile Virus (Aug 22)

Foley's Horrifying Death – ISIS is a Cancer that Must be Eliminated - Mollette (Aug 22)

Thomas Carroll Missing from RV Park...Returns (Aug 18)

Jury Duty Scam (Aug 17)

America's Depression, Robin Williams, Millions More - Mollette (Aug 15)

Bullhead City Council Meeting Spectacle - Jones (Aug 14)

10 Year Old Missing in Colorado River Since Sunday Located, Drowned (Aug 12)

News doesn't change much; so what's new? - Mollette (Aug 09)

Person Found Dead in Blythe Inn Parking Lot (Aug 04)

Government Stonewalls while Horses Bake - Winkler (Aug 03)

Domestic Violence/Assault with a BB Gun (July 31)

Explosive Device (July 31)

Missing Person, Found (July 31)

Man Walks Away from Roll-Over (July 30)

Arrest for Marijuana Cultivation & Sale (July 26)

Metal Theft (July 24)

BLM Poised to Eradicate Last Large Wild Horse Herds in Wyoming - Fitch (July 23)

Bob Jensen Arrested Twice for Public Intoxication (July 22)

Illegal Immigration, how many will the boat hold? - Mollette (July 20)

29 Arrested During Narcotics Enforcement Operation (July 20)

Mosquito Fogging July 23 (July 20)

Burglar Hits Two Homes, Gets Nothing (July 15)

Local Competes in US Army Reserve’s Best Warrior (July 06)

Healthier America, Saving Our Nation from Collapse - Mollette (July 06)

Do Wild Horses Need Endangered Species Protection? - Graef (July 05)

Possession of a Controlled Substance for Sale (July 05)

County Assessment Roll Has Largest Increase Since 2007 (July 05)

Public Meeting for Blythe Mesa Solar Project (June 26)

Officer Involved Shooting (June 24)

DUI Causes Vehicle to Overturn (June 23)

Burglary Suspects Arrested (June 21)

Iraq Again, Hell Never Ends - Mollette (June 21)

Protection Sought for Wild Horses under Endangered Species Act (June 14)

Blythe Welcomes New Police Officer (June 09)

Stop the Mass School Killings - Mollette (June 07)

Cemetery Burglary (June 03)

Palm & Barnard Shooting (June 03)

3 Structures at Morton Air Academy Burned in Fire (June 03)

Please Don’t Park on City Parks (May 29)

Speech is Not so Free in America - Mollette (May 27)

DUI Drivers to be Targeted Saturday (May 24)

Is the US Minimum Wage Maxed Out? - Clemens (May 23)

Body Found in Colorado River (May 23)

Attempted Murder in Ripley (May 23)

Human Remains Found in Desert West of Blythe (May 23)

Obama’s BLM Seeks Bids for Additional Wild Horse Concentration Camps (May 16)

Missing Person (May 16)

SCE "Past Due" Scam (May 14)

I-10 Fires (May 12)

Can America Save Everybody? - Mollette (May 09)

Library Alarm Catches Burglar (May 08)

National Bike to School Day (May 07)

Fewer Homeless Veterans Living On the Streets (May 04)

Drugs and Firearm Seizure (May 04)

America Cannot Win with Racist Attitudes - Mollette (May 04)

Theft from Vehicles (May 03)

Palo Verde College Foundation Annual BBQ (May 02)

Two Arizona Men Arrested for Weapons & Drugs after Speeding on I-10 (Apr 25)

Transportation and Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale (Apr 25)

RV Fire Proves Fatal (Apr 23)

Rustling Critters NOT a New Wrinkle for the BLM - Fitch (Apr 20)

America's Hope - Mollette (Apr 20)

Desert Roadrunner Services Changes (Apr 14)

Burnt Remains Discovered (Apr 13)

Federal Spending: Defense First, Education Way Back - Clemens (Apr 09)

Homicide (Apr 09)

Burglary, Attempted Robbery, and Brandishing an Imitation Weapon (Apr 08)

62 Year Old Woman Robbed & Beaten (Apr 08)

Response to the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty - Bialek (Apr 08)

Grand Jury Report – Blythe City Council - Winkler (Apr 07)

Bicyclist Runs Stop & Collides with Car (Apr 07)

What happened to hungry America? - Mollette (Apr 05)

Lake Havasu City/Blythe Boat Chop Shop Arrest (Apr 05)

Blythe Police Join Crackdown on Texting and Handheld Cell Use Behind the Wheel (Apr 05)

Democratic Administration in Washington Has Free Roaming Horses Sold to Canadian Slaughterhouse - Cloud (Apr 01)

Pit Bull Shot Dead During Attack - Winkler (Mar 29)

2014 MADD Awards & Training Conference (Mar 25)

Possession of Stolen Property & a Controlled Substance (Mar 23)

BLM Sets Date for Special Interest Advisory Board Meeting to Plot Demise of Wild Horses And Burros - Fitch (Mar 23)

International Diplomacy Texas Hold ‘em - Clemens (Mar 22)

Possession of Stolen Property (Mar 21)

America, Reality of Death, Will we save our country? - Mollette (Mar 21)

Free Composting Workshop Saturday, March 15

PVHS Farm Animals Released in Break-In (Mar 15)

Theft of Vehicle Parts in Ripley (Mar 15)

CRIT Escapee Captured (Mar 11)

Religious Discrimination in America - Mollette (Mar 11)

Possible DUI Turned in by Citizen (Mar 10)

Are Legal Drugs the Cause of California’s Real Drug Problem? - Hennigan (Mar 09)

BLM District Manager, Mark Storzer Abusive to Corralled Wyoming Mustangs, Let's Um Freeze in the Bitter Winter Winds (Mar 08)

The Ukraine, really folks? - Clemens (Mar 04)

Possible DUI Driver Hits Parked Car, Backs Up & Hits Another (Mar 02)

Possible Suspicious Death Reported by Family (Feb 26)

Keys Snatched from Larry Green Ford; Next Day Truck is Gone (Feb 25)

Security Camera Stolen from Blythe Drug (Feb 24)

Drought-hit Southwest Farmers Urged to Apply for Water Conservation Funding - Hennigan (Feb 24)

Guns, English, Taxes and Immigration – What about common sense? - Mollette (Feb 23)

The Olympics, Russia and America, People are People - Mollette (Feb 16)

A Biologist’s Response to the BLM’s Wild Horse “Problem" - Bauer (Feb 16)

Drug Sweep (Feb 12)

Desert Center to Receive Emergency Generator, School Field Trips, Library Improvements and More (Feb 09)

Obama & BLM Seek to “Rid the Range of Our Wild Horses" (Feb 08)

Missing Adult Ricardo Nava-Alamo Located Deceased - Winkler (Feb 05)

Collision at Hobsonway & Neighbors (Feb 05)

Disoriented Elderly Adult in the Desert (Feb 05)

Obama's MyRA – Maybe, but Retirees Beware - Mollette (Feb 04)

Is the Medium Still the Message? - Clemens (Jan 28)

U.S. Congressman Trey Radel, A Brief Pullover on the Highway - Mollette (Jan 28)

2014: No Horse Slaughter in the United States - Fitch (Jan 20)

Attempted False Child Abduction (Jan 18)

Arrest Made in Threats Against Palo Verde Valley Times Staff (Jan 18)

Vehicle Left Running, then Stolen (Jan 18)

Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East - Mollette (Jan 18)

Poverty (America’s Longest War) - Clemens (Jan 18)

Blythe Bluegrass Festival (Jan 17-19)

DUI Collision on East 14th Ave (Jan 02)

DUI Arrest Starts with Call for Unknown Door Knocker (Jan 02)

Man Beaten in Apartment Office on North Sixth Street (Jan 02)

Two Toyota Crash on 1st Street (Jan 01)

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