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An Email from Monika Courtney to Debbie Collins, BLM Regarding Shade for Captive Wild Horses

and Debbie’s Response

To The Desert Independent

June 21 2016

On Jun 21, 2016, at 2:53 PM, Monika Courtney <> wrote:

Debbie, thank you for writing. The hampering slow progress is really mind goggling.

BLM is right on track with ALL else - but the welfare of the horses it "cares" for.

If BLM wanted they can move things along. It is not done in a priority manner. If air conditioners failed- how long would it take to accommodate whoever? Three years?

The fact that the trapped horses at PVC still have to endure the brutal heat after all these years is reflecting that on point. A simple roof, Debbie- the agency BLM cannot erect a shade canopy for those horses?? Give me a break!

Aren't the brass in DC embarrassed? What does it take? BLM is causing animals to suffer unnecessary - while every round up or you name what agenda is on target !!

I never forget how we walked thru PVC together and you constantly sought out to step in the shade, as did I. This week it's set to be 115°F.

Can we endure the heat? Probably. But why torture ourselves? Same goes for the horses- they need and crave shade- especially the foals! I feel like a broken record with you people. And I won't stop asking. If your soulless leadership keeps duping the public, it will hit the national news again.

People are now told Mr. Neill is working on an agreement. For how long? Did all the decision gurus go on vacation? Hope they have comfort.

I wrote John several times, about please putting up hose sprinklers. I was going to mail some sprinklers to PVC ! John never responds to anything.

The more the people care and ask, the more BLM wants to prove they are in charge. And with the way BLM treats the animals.... Is it a wonder??

This is beyond ludicrous. The innocent horses are reduced to furry commodities by people who don't give a hoot and should not be in charge over them. How can they sleep at night? I am sure with air conditioners.

A roof Debbie. Shade. Trees would do the trick. It took a tax funded workshop PR gig to mollify the national outrage over this cruelty and to emphasize on the issue. Now still, your agency stifles.

People cannot believe this ignorance. It's deliberate animal cruelty carried out by power hungry BLM mentality.

While all other agendas are on key- a roof and humanity during extreme weather is dismissed.

If John Neill would adopt a mustang, would he let him bake to death too at 115°F. These wild horses possess the same physiological make up and needs as other horses- I brought testimonies that BLM simply dismisses. Because they don't reflect the BS vet gospel the internal BLM vet sings. They reflect the truth and professional knowledge of modern times.

The photos I brought? They too, were dismissed. It wouldn't match the attitude if BLM was to consider that wild horses indeed seeking out shade in the wild!

I appreciate your time, but the rhetoric is simply not acceptable any longer. Perhaps you can ask Mr. Neill why he ignores my sprinkler proposals. Is it perhaps a crime for BLM to accept two hose sprinklers for animals on heat death row??

Monika Courtney

On Jun 21, 2016, at 12:19 PM, Collins, Deborah <> wrote:

Hi Monika. Sorry, I've been on travel a lot the past few weeks and still catching up on e-mails. Yes, BLM is still working on setting up an official donation account. Currently, the only approved donation account is under the Save the Mustangs Fund and that account is being restructured to be more flexible. It was originally established by Ford Motor Co and they have now turned it over to us. We have held several meetings over the past few weeks trying to get the appropriate paperwork, etc. finalized. The person who took care of it in the past is no longer with us and we are having to rebuild the process. Sigh. In addition, there is a much more complex process to accept non-monetary donations. So, we are looking at both donation types. As I'm sure you have heard through your discussions with John and Jason. Thanks.

Debbie Collins

Bureau of Land Management - National WH&B Program
405-234-5935/918-625-5292 -
200 NW 4th St, Room 2401, OKC,OK, 73102

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