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Helicopter Crew Rescues Lost Hiker on San Bernardino Peak Trail

February 23, 2016

HelicopterSAN BERNARDINO, Calif – On Tuesday, February 16, at approximately 8:00 p.m., the San Bernardino County Fire Communications Center received a phone call from the father of Samantha Masyr, stating his daughter was lost hiking, injured, and alone on the San Bernardino Peak Trail at about 8000 feet. County Fire was able to obtain a GPS location based on information provided by her father.

Sheriff's Aviation Desert Crew, Deputies Jon Roberg and Carlos Quezada were dispatched to search for Masyr in a helicopter. After searching for approximately 16 minutes, she was located by flashing her headlamp at the helicopter. The crew made loudspeaker announcements asking Masyr to remain where she was and a crew would return shortly to rescue her.

The helicopter crew then flew to the Aviation Unit hangar at the San Bernardino International Airport to pick up Deputy Greg Jimenez with night vision goggles for hoist mission. On return to Masyr’s location, the helicopter hovered near her so that Deputy Quezada could be lowered 75 feet onto a trail. Deputy then hiked up the trail approximately 800 feet and placed Masyr in a special hoist suit and she was hoisted up to the helicopter. She was flown to emergency personnel for treatment at the Angelus Oaks Landing Zone where she declined treatment.

As an important reminder, in the event of an emergency you should call 911 directly. This will expedite the response of emergency services to assist you and it avoids the prolonged use of a cellular phone while preserving the battery life.

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