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Help Blythe Recycle

August 10, 2016

BLYTHE, Calif In 1989 the State of California passed Assembly Bill 939 mandating a 50% recycling rate for all California Cities. All cities and counties in California are required to implement, maintain and encourage participation in their own recycling programs. Recycling not only helps extend the life of our landfills by reducing the amount of trash we send there but it also helps to reduce costs to the residents by providing a mechanism to offset on-going operational costs of trash collection. So recycling not only helps our environment but it also helps reduce the cost of collection for all of us.

All Blythe residents can play a huge role in making our recycling program a success by following three simple steps:

  • Keep your recyclables CLEAN! Please do not contaminate your recyclables with trash or yard waste. Only place recyclables in your Blue Cart. All trash and yard waste can go in your Black Cart. Eliminating contamination of recyclable materials is the number one way to help your recycling program be successful!

  • Place your trash and recycling carts on the curb by 6am on your collection day. This will keep our neighborhoods clean.

  • If you have a large amount of yard waste, please bring your yard waste to our yard located at 14701 S. Broadway, Blythe, Ca. We will dispose of your yard waste free of charge. Proof of residency is required.

Thank you for your participation in our Recycling Program. Please remember to KEEP YOUR RECYCLABLES CLEAN! Please call us at 1-800-922-2278 with any questions or visit us at

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