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Every Individual should know about Bump Keys and What to Do to Protect Themselves

February 4, 2016

Bump keys are available online and open deadbolts and passage locks nearly as fast as a working key and that threatens the life of nearly every family in America. Bump Keys have been in the news in various cities, but most families are still unaware they exist. The government has not banned the sales so criminals can buy bump keys online and walk right in.

Click or copy/paste the ABC-Bump Key News link: ( or enter -bump key news- on your internet browser to view this link and other trusted news sources. See how fast a news reporter can open a locked door even when working at a relaxed pace.

Tips and How to Protect Yourself

  • Lock bumping leaves no trace of forced entry so insurance companies can claim you left your door unlocked. But the good news is Bump Key Crimes are preventable.

  • The problem is most families have never been informed theyíre at risk. They donít know that bump keys are available online and open deadbolts and passage locks nearly as fast as a working key. So they trust their standard deadbolt new or old and believe it will keep them safe which is why millions of families are at risk.

  • Homeowners should install Bump Resistant Locks. These locks are a good investment and have been designed to prevent bump keys from opening them. Bump resistant locks can be purchased in lock shops, hardware stores and online. Homeowners should check them out before they decide which one to purchase. Enter -bump resistant locks- on the internet browser and find the one that's right for your home.

  • Renters should consider using Super Grip Lock. This is a $10 strap that attaches to the existing deadbolt. It secures the deadbolt handle when itís locked which keeps the bolt engaged. Your deadbolt can not be unlocked until the strap is removed. Its industry tested, police endorsed and can be viewed and/or purchased online at Super Grip

  • Please Note: Once the door is opened the chain lock or slide bar locks are of little value: They can be easily snipped. Itís not difficult to pull the screws out with a good push of the shoulder. Once the door is opened a pry bar can easily pull out the screws that hold the chain or slide bar lock in place.

  • Lock-bumping is a growing problem because bump keys are easily attained online and they open locked doors fast.. Families should protect themselves and will if they understand the problem and share Benjamin Franklinís thought when he stated, ďAn Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of CureĒ

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