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Immigration Scam

March 6, 2016

On Thursday, March 3, a victim was contacted by telephone by an unknown suspect, who identified himself as an immigration officer. The victim was told she would be deported if she did not send $1800 to the agency, by MoneyGram. The suspect sent a local cab company to transport her to Wal-Mart, to complete the transaction.

During the phone calls, the suspect was able to “spoof” (alter) his Called ID, to appear as if the calls were coming from a legitimate phone number.

However, in this case, a friend of the victim contacted law enforcement. Deputies worked with Wal-Mart staff, and were able to reverse the charges from MoneyGram.

As a reminder, law enforcement and government officials do not ask for money over the phone or via MoneyGram or Western Union. If you receive any calls and are unsure of the caller’s identity do not give them any personal information.

If you or someone you know feels you have been a victim of fraud, please contact the Sheriff’s Department.

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