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Slaughtering Wild Horses and the BLM: A Fatal Mix

JACK FERMBy JACK FERM – Article originally published at the Southern Utah Independent
To The Desert Independent. Republished with Permission

January 17, 2016

Wild horses have long been the victims of U.S. government aggression by “intentional” slaughter. In the 1830s the Choctaw Indian Pony was ordered destroyed to separate the Native Americans from their war mounts. They were a gentle breed that would carry women and children over the nefarious “Trail of Tears” after Native Americans had been ordered to relocate from their ancestral lands to the reservation in what is now Oklahoma. They were also the preferred war pony for Native Americans during the Indian/settler wars, because of their agility and speed. Some settlers hid a few so that today we have almost 300 surviving Choctaw ponies roaming free on private reserves.

We are now seeing a replay of the 1830s, but now it’s a different story: cattle, oil, gas, mineral rights, solar, and wind farms have made wild horses and the BLM a fatal mix.

Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears is another story of U.S. aggression against a people who only wanted to live free, wherein 16,000 Cherokee people were forced to travel 1,200 miles, walking and riding; 4,000 died. Likewise our wild horses and burros want to be free and to live out their lives without being chased to death by helicopters or captured and sold to slaughterhouses by individuals who lack compassion for living creatures. This is not the end they deserve!

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