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Is Ted Cruz eligible to be president?

January 17, 2016

To the Editor,

When an American citizen travels to another country, marries a foreigner, holds a job, pays taxes, follows the laws and has a baby in that country, is that baby a Natural Born American Citizen? In English (Canadian) Common Law “anyone born within the King’s allegiance is a subject of the King.” Thus, there is a question to whom does this baby owe allegiance?

But, consider the mother’s situation. She was in love with a Cuban refugee living in Canada. The refugee cannot come to America, so while waiting for a Spousal Visa, they marry, live and have a child in Canada. When the husband’s Visa is approved, they move to America and he becomes a U.S. citizen. Ted Cruz’s mother, though living in Canada, never gave up her allegiance to America; and, she and her child were in compliance with and subject to our Laws.

This same issue arises regarding citizenship for Anchor-Babies born to (out-law) parents “not subject to our laws;” and, Muslims wanting to live under Sharia Law (not in allegiance to our Constitution).

Ted Cruz should lead by example and get a declaratory judgment from a court.

Michael F. McCarthy, Hayward, California

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