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- Henry Kissinger. Former Secretary of State, Nobel Prize winner, role model for the antagonist of "Dr. Strangelove" and frequent squire of Angie Dickinson

Opinion by RoBERT JENSEN
The Desert Independent

November 3, 2016

Note: This editorial welcomes back Bob Jensen to The Desert Independent as a reporter and editorial writer.  R. Winkler, Publisher

Judging from the narcissistic/misogynistic personality of Donald Trump and the overall regard he has for women as sex objects,  his would be a very interesting presidency – to say the least. One cringes at the thought of this potential Horndog-In-Chief greeting foreign dignitaries – say Kate Middleton – in the manner he described as a privilege of fame to NBC reporter Billy Bush.

No doubt there will be extra-marital affairs as well, should Trump become POTUS. These seem to almost be a privilege of office. It's just that the press looked away from presidential affairs and the parties involved were much more discrete. Most Presidents have had mistresses going back to Washington and Jefferson. Roosevelt died in his mistress' arms. Kennedy had a secret love nest behind a panel in the oval office. The most indiscreet president to date was Bill Clinton and one has to admire the "Stand by your Man" attitude that Hillary has always possessed.

But we have to remember that Bill Clinton is not running for President. Hillary Clinton is taking that step. Thus, the constant reminders from the Trump camp regarding Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones and others are beside the point. It is highly unlikely that there will be any sex scandals with Hillary in office but they will be practically guaranteed with The Donald.

The publisher of Vanity Fair some time ago characterized The Donald as a "short-fingered vulgarian,” intimating that the size of a man's fingers and genitalia are related. Since that article, the editor has been besieged with photos of The Donald's hands next to yardsticks and rulers in some way trying to discredit the 'size' issue. There was also the shady pronouncement from Marla Maples upon return from her honeymoon with The Donald as "the best sex she has ever had!"

Could it be that controlling all of the nation's nuclear missiles and his cavalier attitude of using them is compensation for some insecurity and "size" issue? If so, that is the single best reason for voting for a president without a penis.

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