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Publisher’s Thoughts on Election 2016

Publisher, The Desert Independent

October 10, 2016

On the Campaign

I have waited to write about the presidential campaign until now. However after watching the first two debates I will make the following points: I served in the armed forces and Donald Trump would be an unfit commander, never mind commander and chief. Second, he is so unknowledgeable, unprofessional and unprepared that there is no way he could be put in charge of anything. If Mr. Trump didn't own his own business, he would have a difficult time getting a job. I don’t think most people would vote for him if he was a liberal democrat. It is just too dangerous for this country to put an ignorant bully into the presidency. We need to about the planet our grandchildren will inhabit (or not).

Additionally, I hope those that continue to support Donald Trump will question their innermost motivations. It is not unfair to compare the motivations of the downtrodden people of 1930s Germany when the Nazi Party gained enough seats in the Reichstag along with other anti-democratic parties. This permitted Hitler to be appointed Chancellor of Germany. Those folks in 1920s and 1930s Germany wanted drastic change and they needed a scapegoat race. Sound familiar. Be careful Trump supporters of what you wish for. Examine your heart. History can repeat itself.

Vocabulary after the Election

The word "Trump" will suggest an entirely different meaning. If playing cards and you feel your hand is better than your opponents, you will no longer be able to say it “trumps” theirs; for from November 8 onward the word Trump will signify a loser. A trump card will always be the lowest in the deck. Musicians playing the trumpet will want to rename it to something else. Of course Trump Tower real estate value will decline if not renamed. I always liked Ivana Tower after one of his previous ex-wives who loved gaming at the Connecticut Indian Casinos; the same casinos that sent his Atlantic City Casinos into a tailspin.


In reading comments on Facebook from some of my friends over the past few weeks it would seem they are not too happy with any reporting that does not support their point of view and seems to support everything liberal. The website, they say, is not trustworthy all of a sudden.

If anyone actually reads any Snopes review they will see they provide a complete listing of sources. They can then go to the source material and check the facts for themselves. I have reached out to these friends and asked them to provide some direct evidence that Snopes is somehow degrading their reputation by "coloring" their reporting when they actually list their sources. So far, the silence is deafening. For me, just saying something just doesn't cut it.

On the Debates

Saw a lot of bullying. When you don't know, are ignorant of the facts, it is sad that one feels the only option is to attack and bully.

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