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Search & Rescue

Helicopter Rescue of Cross-Country Runner

March 28, 2016

APPLE VALLEY, Calif – On Saturday, March 26, Zachary Hunt (age 20 of Costa Mesa) was with friends on the Pacific Crest Trail near the Deep Creek Spillway. Zachary and friends were cross-country running when Zachary began having a medical emergency. Zachary’s friends called 911 and requested assistance.

Sheriff’s patrol helicopter 40K6, piloted by Deputy Roberg and Deputy Kowalski, responded and searched for Zachary. After a brief search, Zachary was located and appeared to still be suffering from an emergency. Sheriff’s rescue helicopter Air Rescue 7 responded and determined Zachary would need to be hoist rescued. Due to the remote location and steep terrain, the crew was unable to land near Zachary.

Pilot Corporal Mike Gilley and crew chief Reserve Deputy Wes Podboy positioned the helicopter over Zachary. Podboy lowered Sheriff’s Air Medic Horak to Zachary using the helicopter hoist. Zachary was assessed and hoisted into the helicopter, followed by Air Medic Horak.

Zachary was flown to a nearby waiting ambulance and treated with non-life threatening injuries.

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