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Helicopter Rescue of Injured Hiker on Mt. Baldy

August 28, 2016

LYTLE CREEK, Calif – On Friday, August 26 at 12:30 PM, Cynthia Cork (age 59 of Newport Beach) was hiking the Cucamonga Trail near Mt Baldy when she slipped on a narrow steep section of the trail injuring her left ankle. She was unable to continue hiking and called 911 for assistance. San Bernardino County Sheriff Sheriff’s deputies from the Fontana station and Sheriff’s Helicopter Air Rescue 306 responded.

Cork was located by the crew of Air Rescue 306 at the 7000 foot level in very steep and rugged mountain terrain. Cork’s location was at least a three hour hike for ground rescue crews to reach her.

The crew of Air Rescue 306, Pilot Corporal Mike Gilley, Crew Chief Corporal Mike Ells, Rescue Medic Deputy Paul Kowalski and Rescue Doctor Robert Katzer conducted a helicopter hoist rescue of Cork. Dr. Katzer was lowered from the helicopter 130ft with a rescue harness to Corks location. Cork was placed into the harness and hoisted up to the helicopter followed by Katzer. Cork was transported to Cow Canyon Saddle to awaiting deputies and medical personnel.

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