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Search & Rescue

Helicopter Rescue of Injured Hiker on Mt. Baldy

October 25, 2016

MOUNT BALDY, Calif – On October 20 at 5:40 p.m., Rouslan Sabirzianov (age 29 of Abu Dhabe in the United Arab Emirates) became lost after hiking the Mount Baldy summit. Rouslan took the wrong trail and ended up in steep terrain near Goode Canyon. While attempting to hike down, he slipped and injured his arm. However, he managed to call 911 from his cell phone and request assistance.

A Sheriff’s patrol helicopter was dispatched to the location to attempt to locate the victim. As they searched, the victim provided his GPS location from his cell phone. The crew of patrol helicopter received that information and immediately located the victim in Goode Canyon at the 7,700-foot level. The victim was located on a steep rock ledge and he was unable to safely move from his location. The crew of patrol helicopter requested the assistance of Sheriff’s Air Rescue helicopter to conduct a hoist rescue due to the circumstances.

Sheriff’s Air Rescue helicopter responded to Goode Canyon to conduct the hoist rescue. The crew of Air Rescue helicopter arrived at the location and was guided in by the crew of the patrol helicopter. The pilot hovered over the victim, while the crew chief lowered a firefighter down to Rouslan. Following a brief assessment on the ground, Rouslan was placed into a rescue harness and was hoisted into the aircraft. The victim was then flown to Cow Canyon Saddle and was released.

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