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Trump Yeah, Everything Is Going To Be Just Fine

Megan Mueller JensenGuest Opinion by MEGAN MUELLER JENSEN
To The Desert Independent

December 11, 2016

It is roughly 5 weeks to the inauguration of the most corrupt, dangerously unqualified, fundamentally unfit president to ever win the Electoral College vote.

Hillary Clinton is currently ahead in the popular vote by 2.7 million and counting.

He is threatening our first amendment rights and freedom of the press.

He has shrugged off Russia's involvement in the election and insulted and dismissed the US intelligence community who will be serving them.

He has already shown he has no interest in foreign policy. He has already had conversations with world leaders that have threatened our tenuous relationships with our allies.

He has stopped attending daily security briefings, except for one a week.

He has made it clear that he will use his position to leverage favorable business deals for himself and his family all over the world.

He has not agreed to divest or put his business in a blind trust, only agreeing to let his family run it.

He is setting himself up to profit from the presidency by charging the American taxpayer for accommodations in Trump Tower and Mar A Lago for his secret service detail, we will be paying an astronomical amount of money to protect his wife and son if they refuse to live in the White House.

He has included his children and son in law in high level meetings with world leaders and has asked for them to receive security clearance.

He is staffing his cabinet with wholly unqualified donors who gave millions to his campaign.

He has more military personnel in his cabinet than any other president in history.

His director of the EPA wants to dismantle the EPA, currently has a lawsuit against the EPA, and is putting together a list of everyone in the EPA who has worked on climate change.

His Secretary of Education doesn't believe in, support, or send her own children to public school.

His head of the FDA believes we should end all clinical trials and just let drug manufacturers introduce new pharmaceuticals into the marketplace and use consumers as Guinea pigs.

He thinks he can executive produce a tv show "in his spare time", he never misses SNL, he is taking a horrible "victory lap" around the country, whipping his base into a rabid frenzy, yet he skips his daily security briefings???

He hasn't held a press conference since the election and hasn't answered any substantive questions on how he plans to govern.

Yeah, everything is going to be just fine.

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