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Youth Minibike Off-Road Highway Programs Coming

June 29, 2016

IMPERIAL COUNTY, Calif – The mission of the NYPUM program is to coordinate off-road highway programs for youth aged ten to sixteen years old in El Centro in order to promote self-esteem, develop values for daily living and create a strong sense of belonging. In turn, the overall goal is to encourage regular school attendance, promote environmental awareness, foster community involvement, divert from the juvenile justice system and develop responsible citizenship.

Participation in NYPUM, and the opportunity to ride a minibike, is a direct outcome of following NYPUM rules for safe riding and fulfilling the contract that focuses on characteristics of positive behaviors.

“NYPUM has been a successful program for many years and I fully and totally support the huge benefits the program has for the future of our community,” stated District 3 Supervisor Michael Kelley. “This recreational program does a great job at keeping the youth active and engaged in productive events.”

On Wednesday, June 29, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors approved and authorized the Chairman of the Board to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Imperial County Probation Department and the City of El Centro in regards to the National Youth Project Using Minibikes (NYPUM) program. NYPUM is a program that the Imperial County Probation Department adopted earlier this year as part of their Juvenile Justice Plan to promote positive youth development.

Per the MOU, the program will be implemented by the City of El Centro’s Community Services Department and funded by the Imperial County Probation Department with California Board of State and Community Corrections Youth Offender Block Grant monies. All participants must be referred by a school counselor, teacher or law enforcement agency.

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