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Phone Scam

July 22, 2018

BLYTHE, Calif Ė The Blythe Police Department has recently been receiving calls from concerned citizens about a telephone scam. The callers, both male and female, will telephone and say that a member of your family has been arrested or detained and that you need to wire money to them immediately.

At times these callers are very convincing. They will sometimes put a female on the line who is crying or sobbing and they will also ask you to please wire them money. Two of the recent scam calls have come from 522/525 area code which is a prefix out of Mexico.

Any calls that you receive from any numbers outside of the country from people that you donít know should be looked at as suspicious. Please do not wire the caller any money.

If you get one of these calls and you are not sure if it is a scam or not please call the Blythe Police Department at 922-6111.

Anyone with information regarding this case, or any other crime, is urged to contact Blythe Police Department at 922-6111, or they can give their information anonymously by calling Crime Stop at 921-CARE (2273) or by E-Mail.

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