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Riverside County unveils remote accessible vote-by-mail system

June 2, 2018

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif – The Riverside County Registrar of Voters today announced the release of a new remote accessible vote-by-mail system for voters with disabilities. The system allows voters with disabilities to access and mark their ballot in a screen-readable format using their personal computers.

Voters using this system will log-in online and download their ballot to a computer, mark their choices and then print the ballot. The ballot may be returned to the Riverside County Registrar of Voters office in the original vote-by-mail return envelope provided to the voter. Voters may also mail their ballot using a standard envelope; however, voters must include the Oath of Voter form.

To ensure security and comply with California law, at no time can any voter’s voting choices or marked ballot be transmitted over the internet. During ballot marking, the system does not allow data to be transmitted over the internet. Only a paper ballot will be produced and a voters’ selections will not be stored.

The remote system is available immediately during the early voting period through Election Day. Access to the system is limited to voters with disabilities. These voters can access their ballot at Voters can also call 951-486-7200 or email to request that a link to their ballot be emailed to them, or for assistance in accessing and using the system.

For more election information and the new remote accessible vote-by-mail system, please call 951-486-7200 or visit

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