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San Bernardino County Sheriff switches to digital radios

February 4, 2018

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Calif – On February 1, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department radios were switched from analog to an encrypted digital communication system. The improved communication platform is vital to the safety of our first responders. It will enhance coverage throughout the county, improve the voice clarity and strengthen the signal to our police frequencies.

The county invested $160 million in the system over the past few years. Several law enforcement agencies in the county and across the state have already replaced their analog communication systems.

The system also allows interoperability and is a single communication platform that will play a critical role in the event of a disaster, and mutual aid requests in and outside of our jurisdiction. Cops from different agencies in the county can talk to one another seamlessly.

We recognize the concern from our residents and the media regarding the system shutting out the public, some who are hobbyists. The improved system will also shut out individuals who are engaging in criminal behavior that would like to know if law enforcement is coming for them.

We understand the argument that the public has a right to know what is happening around them. However, our mission to serve the public is our number one priority. The new system will help us in keeping personal and critical operational information from being broadcasted to the world.

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