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Woman falls/slides 500 feet on snow and ice

March 28, 2018

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif – On the Sunday, March 25 just before noon, Rachel Courtright (age 29 of Yucaipa) was hiking the San Bernardino Peak Divide Trail when she slipped on ice and slid approximately 500 feet down the mountain.

During the fall, Courtright struck several rocks and boulders before coming to rest at the base of a large tree. As a result of the fall, Courtright sustained major injuries and was unable to hike out of the area on her own. Her companions were able to use their cell phones and called 911 for help.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s patrol helicopter (40King3) quickly responded to the area and located Courtright at the approximate 9,400 foot level surrounded by snow and ice. The crew determined that a hoist rescue would be required and requested Sheriff’s Air Rescue (AR306) to respond.

Once on scene, the crew of AR306 lowered rescue personnel equipped with alpine rescue equipment down to Courtright. Courtright was placed into a rescue harness and hoisted up to the helicopter followed by rescue personnel. Courtright was treated by the crew and transported to Loma Linda University Medical Center for serious injuries sustained during the fall.

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