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Grand Canyon National Park launches free mobile park app

September 1, 2019

GRAND CANYON, AZ – Grand Canyon National Park joins multiple national parks across the country by offering an official park app. This free app is available for download for iPhone and Android mobile phones. Cellular service and Wi-Fi locations are limited within the park, so visitors are encouraged to download the app and all of its offline content before arriving for the best user experience.

Using Grand Canyon National Park Mobile Phone App at Mather Point on the South Rim. NPS/M.Quinn

The NPS Grand Canyon app will provide users with park information similar to the park website as well as on the ground trip planning features. Users can tailor their visit to Grand Canyon by taking advantage of the app’s bookmarking and sharing features, which includes the option to share their park experience with friends and family using the photo collage feature.

The home page breaks down services, tours, lodging, camping, hiking and shuttle bus into different information sections to help visitors find what they need to explore the park. Refreshing the park content, located in the settings tab, before arriving will ensure users are receiving the most up-to-date information.

An interactive map feature is also available and highlights overlooks, hiking trails and ranger stations. The filter tool for the interactive map enables a search for services within the park including restrooms, lodging, restaurants, water filling stations, and Wi-Fi locations. For best results, users should ensure GPS and location services on their mobile phones are turned on for the app.

Under the ‘What to See’, ‘Tours’ and ‘Schedules’ sections, the app highlights opportunities to learn more about Grand Canyon’s unique natural, cultural and historical resources and programs.

The Grand Canyon National Park app was developed in partnership with the National Park Service’s Harpers Ferry Office and Grand Canyon’s official non-profit partner, Grand Canyon Conservancy.

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