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Man dies in freak gas station accident

August 13, 2019

BLYTHE, Calif On Thursday, August 8 at 2:14 in the afternoon a couple in a 2007 Ford F-150 truck stopped for gas in the 17000 block of W. Hobsonway on their way from Redondo Beach. After exiting I‑10 at Mesa Drive and "parking" at a gas station, the victim and other occupant exited the truck and proceeded to make their way into the convenience store leaving the truck running.

However, the truck began backing up, with nobody within the vehicle. The victim noticed his vehicle backing, and ran to the left rear of the truck and attempted to push the vehicle to a stop. Unfortunately, it ran over him and pinned him to a fuel island where he sustained fatal injuries as a result of this collision.

The cause of this collision is still under investigation. Notifications to the next of kin is still pending.

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