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Permitting for limited meal prep and sales from home kitchens has begun

June 9, 2019

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif – On Thursday, June 6, the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health started accepting applications for home based food business permits. During the first hour the department was open, three potential business owners came in for applications, making them the first three in the county and the state to apply.

McConaghy Chane anxiously arrived early at one of our Riverside offices this morning to turn in her application packet. “Becoming a permitted home cook will allow me to supplement my income while sharing delicious and healthy home cooked meals with my neighbors,” said Chane. “Environmental Health has been so helpful, responsive and supportive. I have never been more proud to be a Riverside County resident than I have these past months. We are the first county, not only in California but the nation to allow permitted home cooks this opportunity. My goal is to become the first permitted resident!”

Homeowners must go through the county’s Department of Environmental Health to get approval and permits prior to starting their business. There are restrictions as to how many meals can be served and how much income can be made.

Home kitchens will have scheduled inspections by Environmental Health Specialists prior to being allowed to open for business; yearly when they renew their permit; and if any complaints are received from the public.

Permitted home based food businesses will not be required to display letter grades as required by restaurants but cooks are required to have food safety training and certifications. Inspection reports will be available online and consumers should always ask about a current Environmental Health permit prior to purchasing any food.

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