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Smart dog that Billy

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November 6, 2019

The first cold nights sent Billy indoors. Aunt Ada always had room on the couch for Billy. It was different now, of course, since Desdemona passed away. She was good, for a cat. Now there was just Billy and the other cat, Boots, to share the couch.

Billy was no dummy. In the past three years or so, since he became the official town dog, he not only knew his duties, but his options as well. Billyís duties were to see the children safely across the street to school (helped by Martin, the crossing guard) and to visit the residents of the Rest of Your Life retirement home.

And his options? Well, with cold weather on its way, Billy knew he could leave his favorite bed under the cottonwood tree and move into the insulated dog house the high school kids built for him. And Ö this is the good part Ö he could do what he always did and move in with Aunt Ada and Boots at night.

In making his daily rounds, Billy was given snacks out the back door of several cafes and the retirement home. The Mule Barn had a special each Sunday on chicken fried steak, so Billy learned to hit the Barnís back door when he saw folks going to church.

And Boots doesnít wiggle around much on the couch. Life is good.

Brought to you by in Hereford, Texas. ďWe know itís not just food in that bowl, itís love. And thatís why it has to be the best.Ē

"Home Country" columnist Slim Randles won three regional book awards for the two books he wrote in 2014. "Saddle Up: A Cowboy Guide to Writing" won for best how-to book and best cover design at the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards in Albuquerque. Randles lives in Albuquerque and has a dozen books currently in print.

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