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Safe and Happy 4th of July

June 21, 2019

BLYTHE, Calif – From everyone at the Blythe Police Department, we wish you a safe and happy 4th of July holiday. We would like everyone to have as much fun as possible, but doing it safely. Please follow the following safety tips.

Firework safety:

  • Be sure the fireworks you plan on using are California legal “Safe and Sane” registered fireworks.

  • Be sure to read and follow all safety instructions on your fireworks.

  • Don’t give fireworks to small children

  • Light fireworks on the ground, in a dry and fire-resistant area.

  • Keep a bucket of water nearby and always wear eye protection.

  • If a firework is a “dud” do not attempt to relight it.

  • Before discarding spent fireworks, douse with water before throwing into a trash receptacle.

  • Store fireworks in a safe place away from small children and animals.

  • Never attempt to disassemble or make your own fireworks.

  • Never throw or point fireworks at anyone or anything.

Driving safety:

  • Please no drinking and driving. If you will be drinking please have a designated driver.

  • Ensure your vehicle is good in working order before leaving on trip out of town.

  • Buckle up for safety. Seatbelts save lives, plus it is the law to wear your seatbelt when driving or a passenger in a vehicle.

  • Observe all the speed limits and safety signs.

  • Stay alert and take breaks when driving long distances.

  • Put distractions away. Things like cell phones, load music and eating are huge distractions that diminish your concentration when driving.

  • Act like your life depends on it and drive defensively.

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