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Early morning helicopter rescue of two lost women with video

August 5, 2019

LYTLE CREEK, Calif – On Tuesday, July 30 three friends went hiking in the South Fork area of Lytle Creek. The group got a late start and began their hike after 6:00 p.m. The three attempted to hike to a nearby waterfall, but as the sun set, they became disoriented and hiked off-trail. They continued to hike in darkness, going deeper into the forested area of the mountains. At some point during the night, one of the females in the group thought an animal bit her.

She was unable to see anything, and she did not know the extent of her injuries.

The three yelled for help throughout the night as they walked through thick brush and steep terrain. They did not have any supplies with them and did not anticipate spending the night in the forest. At 1:29 a.m., a nearby camper heard their screams for help and called 911. One of the three hikers, identified as Brian Morris, was able to hike out and get help from deputies. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue personnel responded, and Sheriff’s Aviation was requested to conduct a hoist rescue.

The crew of 40K6 responded to the scene and conducted an extensive search. They located two females on a steep mountain-side. One of the females was hanging on to a tree. The crew of Air Rescue 306 responded and hoisted the victims out of the mountains, with hoist lengths of 170’. The females were identified as Lexie Contreras (age 23) and Evelyn Martinez (age 37). Contreras and Martinez were transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for evaluation and treatment.

To view rescue video, click HERE.

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