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Lost hiker needs helicopter rescue as night approaches

July 15, 2019

BIG BEAR, Calif On Saturday, July 13 about 4:25 p.m., Anthony Edward Guerrero (age 35) was hiking alone in the Big Bear mountains when he became directionally disorientated and lost. Fearing nightfall, he called 911 for help. San Bernardino County Sheriff Department's helicopter, 40K1, responded to the GPS location that Guerrero's cell phone gave when he placed the 911 call.

Upon arrival, they located Guerrero at the 5,500-foot level. He was off trail and in steep rugged terrain. The 40K1 crew determined a hoist rescue would need to be conducted and requested Air Rescue 306.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Department's Air Rescue 306 responded to the location and lowered a rescue medic down to Guerrero. Guerrero was placed in a rescue harness and hoisted into the helicopter. He was then transported to Snow Valley Ski Resort to a waiting deputy.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department would like to remind the public about the dangers of hiking in the local mountains. Without proper experience and preparation, this type of activity can lead to serious injury or death.

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