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Riverside County’s 2020 Homeless Count to Include People Living in Cars (Dec 23)

Annual Lake Moovalya drawdown in January 2020 for maintenance activities (Dec 23)

Christmas – Hold Tight - Mollette (Dec 22)

Free household hazardous waste collection for Blythe area (Dec 14)

Gunfight results in two arrests (Dec 12)

Wanted suspects arrested in stolen car (Dec 11)

Who Makes Christmas? - Mollette (Dec 11)

Arrest for burglarizing Needles Animal Control offices (Dec 11)

"Dental Crown" - Moran Cartoon (Dec 10)

Attempted car theft at car wash (Dec 10)

Property Tax deadline approaching (Dec 10)

Riverside County receives half a million dollars to ensure residents included in Census 2020 (Dec 07)

Rain in Lower Colorado River Basin forces cutback in releases from Davis & Parker Dams (Dec 07)

Search Warrant results in arrest of burglary suspect (Dec 07)

Advice - Randles (Dec 07)

Your Best Christmas Gift? - Mollette (Dec 07)

High-speed chase through town results in arrest on multiple charges (Dec 02)

CHP is serving up safety for the holiday travel season (Dec 01)

Ring Neighbors App helps Sheriff identify thieves (Nov 30)

CHP revamps Registration Violators Program (Nov 26)

A Holiday Strategy - Mollette (Nov 26)

Volunteers Sought for 2020 Homeless Count (Nov 26)

Two locals charged with embezzling thousands of dollars from the Needles Sand Shark Swim Team (Nov 21)

"Drink With That" - Moran Cartoon (Nov 21)

The Vermiculturist - Randles (Nov 21)

Fatal single vehicle crash (Nov 21)

Woman breaks into home and drinks liquor (Nov 21)

CSUSB Palm Desert Campus offering degree in Hospitality Management (Nov 21)

Car crashes down I-10 onto Broadway (Nov 17)

Entitlements – More Money - Mollette (Nov 17)

Vehicle stolen from Avis Car Rental recovered – Thief goes to jail (Nov 17)

Helicopter rescue of three hikers who try shortcut to mountain top (Nov 17)

Father arrested for the murder of his 3-month-old daughter (Nov 12)

Two from Blythe arrested for Burglary (Nov 09)

Smart dog that Billy - Randles (Nov 06)

Wild Horse Org files complaint against Pendley - Leigh (Nov 05)

CHP concentrates efforts on Impaired Driving (Oct 31)

Car crash leaves two dead (Oct 31)

America's Wars – Stay forever? - Mollette (Oct 31)

Application period opens for expanded 2019-20 Property Tax Postponement Program (Oct 30)

Helicopter rescue of man with injured leg (Oct 30)

"Cat Jet Fighter" - Moran Cartoon (Oct 30)

Blythe ranks third out of top 18 fiscally challenged cities (Oct 29)

Man injured after crash at Lovekin and Chanslorway (Oct 29)

Two arrests for residential robbery and conspiracy (Oct 29)

2019 Homecoming Safe Ride Shuttle – Don’t Drink & Drive! Oct 25-27)

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day (Oct 26)

City of Blythe Illegal Dumping (Oct 22)

10-year-old overcome by carbon monoxide fumes in boating incident (Oct 22)

My Prostate and Thyroid Cancer - Mollette (Oct 22)

Two arrests so far in an attempt burglary – two more to come (Oct 22)

New Salton Sea Board to hold first meeting (Oct 15)

Man arrested after assaulting two women (Oct 11)

3-Vehicle Crash (Oct 11)

The Power of Forgiveness - Mollette (Oct 11)

Settlement of People v. FedExFreight, Inc. (Oct 11)

Cannabis grows prohibited without County Land-Use Permits (Oct 11)

County releases public report of Children’s Services Review (Oct 04)

International Walk to School Day (Oct 02)

Turn the Page - Mollette (Sept 30)

Fatal Polaris RZR Accident (Sept 20)

Are You Stressed Out? - Mollette (Sept 20)

"Nose Sneeze" - Moran Cartoon (Sept 18)

E-cigarette users urged to stop amid concerns over lung illness (Sept 17)

Property tax postponement program (Sept 17)

Suicide – Are there answers? - Mollette (Sept 17)

Health officials report first flu-associated death of the 2019-20 season (Sept 17)

Blythe Needles Masonic Lodge #473 – Open House (Sept 13)

Health officials awarded $7.1 million grant to improve surveillance of opioid-related overdoses (Sept 08)

Lake Mohave Water Level Being Lowered (Sept 05)

Real Decisions and Moderation - Mollette (Sept 05)

Labor Day Marine Enforcement Operation Results (Sept 05)

Farm Tractor Crashes Cars – Police Need Your Help (Sept 02)

Structure fire caused by a suspected butane honey oil lab (Sept 01)

Grand Canyon National Park launches free mobile park app (Sept 01)

Everyone wins with equality in the workforce – Economy poised to skyrocket with gender equity - Marceau (Sept 01)

Riverside University Health System – Public Health earns national accreditation (Sept 01)

"Space Oven" - Moran Cartoon (Aug 25)

Is there any rest for America? - Mollette (Aug 23)

Woman arrested for embezzling money from Hardware Express (Aug 23)

Two hikers rescued after trapping themselves on cliff (Aug 23)

Cannabis Tax Revenues for the 2nd Quarter (Aug 23)

Car crash at 3rd & Murphy (Aug 15)

How Many Bullets? - Mollette (Aug 15)

Construction started on new roadway and sidewalk for Blythe area school (Aug 15)

Grandmother arrested for causing injury to her 8-month-old (Aug 14)

Registration open for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute fall courses (Aug 14)

Man arrested for attempted murder after trying to run over 3 people with car (Aug 13)

Wild Horse organization demands BLM training on humane care - Wild Horse Education (Aug 13)

Riverside County Department of Social Services Privacy Breach (Aug 13)

Man dies in freak gas station accident (Aug 13)

Cow Pasture Tea - Randles (Aug 12)

El Paso and Dayton, Now What? - Mollette (Aug 08)

Early morning helicopter rescue of two lost women with video (Aug 05)

Helicopter rescue after man falls down waterfall (Aug 05)

Helicopter rescue of ill hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail (Aug 05)

Two arrests for two stolen Jeeps (Aug 05)

Wild Horses and Burros in danger of losing their Homes on the Range - Friday of The Cloud Foundation (Aug 04)

Revamp America’s Health Education - Mollette (Aug 04)

Man rides a stolen Harley to shoplift at Dollar General (Aug 04)

Arrest for stealing golf cart (Aug 04)

"Space Bait Car" - Moran Cartoon (Aug 01)

Death of K-9 “Windy" (July 28)

Rise in property values to outpace property-tax increase for the average homeowner (July 28)

PVVTA Student Free Ride Program (July 27)

Telephone Scam (July 27)

Over 650 Tax-Defaulted Properties will be Auctioned Starting August 3 (July 27)

Social Security – Care and Beware - Mollette (July 27)

Riverside County Reaches Settlement in ACLU Lawsuit (July 27)

Rewilding a native cultural resource - Hayden (July 17)

Supervisor Perez Named to Governor’s Council on Homelessness (July 17)

Social Media – Too Much? How Much? - Mollette (July 17)

Injured leg requires air rescue off mountain (July 15)

Strong arm robbery (July 15)

Wild Horse Organization Calls Senate Hearing a Criminal Enterprise - Leigh (July 15)

Lost hiker needs helicopter rescue as night approaches (July 15)

12 arrests made over the 4th of July Marine Enforcement Operation (July 10)

Possession of a Loaded Firearm within a Vehicle (July 10)

Nike, Too Big to Fail? - Mollette (July 10)

"Buzzard" - Moran Cartoon (July 08)

Obituary Dr. Howard B. Markle (July 07)

Arrest for Assault with a Deadly Weapon (July 04)

Department of Child Support Services to receive $5.4 million increase (July 02)

Riverside County community needs outlined (July 02)

Mother & daughter killed in their Twentynine Palms home (July 02)

4th of July Weekend – Colorado River Enhanced Patrol (July 02)

Proposed legislation threatens to derail San Bernardino County’s inmate welfare and rehabilitation efforts (June 21)

Riverside County Awarded $23.7 million in Homeless Funds (June 21)

CHP offers cool tips for safe summer trips (June 21)

Livestock Enforcement Operation to enforce livestock transportation laws (June 21)

17 illegal aliens lost in the bombing range rescued (June 21)

What Do Americans Want? - Mollette (June 21)

Safe and Happy 4th of July (June 21)

Zion Vacation Bible School (June 17-21)

"One Has to Go" - Moran Cartoon (June 18)

PVVTA announces free fares for seniors on Blythe Wellness Express (June 18)

Grant enhances collision investigation capabilities of troopers in northern Arizona (June 18)

New Wild Horse and Burro Management Plan Spells Disaster for Wild Horses - Cloud Foundation (June 15)

Father’s Day & Equal Rights - Marceau (June 15)

This Father's Day - Mollette (June 15)

Riverside County Sheriff Career Fair for All (June 15)

Federal Court Dismisses Negligence & Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Cty of San Bernardino & Sheriff's Dept (June 09)

Permitting for limited meal prep and sales from home kitchens has begun (June 09)

CSUSB Palm Desert to award highest number of degrees in history (June 09)

Fillin in at Graduation - Randles (June 09)

Stephen Curry – A winning strategy - Mollette (June 09)

1986 Cold Case Murder to be Featured on Investigation Discovery on June 4 (June 02)

Riverside County health officials seek those who may have been exposed to measles case (June 02)

DUI Crash into Arteaga’s Mexican Restaurant (June 02)

Board of Supervisors Announce Off-Site Meeting Schedule (June 02)

Talking About Your Summer - Mollette (June 02)

Silsby Garden Apartment robbery suspect arrested (May 27)

Imperial County May Board of Supervisors Meeting Highlights (May 23)

Thousands of Distracted Drivers “Caught in the Act" (May 23)

Jury finds man guilty of murdering two Palm Springs police officers (May 23)

Graduation Time in America - Mollette (May 23)

"Life Raft" - Moran Cartoon (May 18)

Riverside County becomes first to adopt Homemade Food Law (May 14)

A loaded firearm found during a traffic stop (May 14)

Rape arrest after one-and-a-half years in a relationship with a minor (May 14)

Over 1,600 tax-defaulted properties to be auctioned (May 11)

Civil action filed against four men in Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit scheme (May 04)

2019 Homeless Count in Riverside County (May 04)

CSUSB Palm Desert Campus to offer online Hospitality Management Certificate (May 04)

Motorcycle safety requires awareness by all (May 04)

San Diego Synagogue – Stop hate filled ugliness - Mollette (May 03)

Fire Near Hospital (May 03)

Charges filed against Apple Valley mother and sister (May 03)

Remains of missing hiker, Susan Schmierer found near the Amboy Crater Nat’l Landmark (May 03)

Update on Imperial County services affected by ransomware attack on computer systems (Apr 28)

Imperial County continues efforts to foster industrial hemp cultivation (Apr 28)

August 1 is deadline to file with Riverside County for unclaimed property tax refunds (Apr 28)

Nat'l Prescription Drug Take Back Day (Apr 27)

Supervisor Perez acclaims State’s approval of aid to humanitarian efforts in Blythe (Apr 25)

County launches workshop series for retail start-ups (Apr 25)

Sri Lanka – We can't rest - Mollette (Apr 25)

Easter – Think about it - Mollette (Apr 18)

Felon in possession of 3 pistols fires shots into neighboring homes (Apr 17)

Murder charge filed in death of California Highway Patrol Sergeant (Apr 17)

"Cemetery" - Moran Cartoon (Apr 13)

County Sheriff Public Estate Auction (Apr 13)

Shooting behind Provident Bank (Apr 10)

Trio of carjacking suspects under arrest (Apr 10)

A new documentary film: Fuel, Fire and Wild Horses - Simpson (Apr 10)

Joe Biden – Negative touching publicity? - Mollette (Apr 10)

Drivers encouraged to ‘silence’ the distractions (Apr 04)

Arrest for a bank robbery in Germany (Apr 04)

Massage parlor sexual activity (Apr 04)

Presidential Advertising – Who will turn it down? - Mollette (Apr 04)

Property Tax Deadline Approaching – Property Owners Reminded To Pay (Mar 28)

Canyoneering Fatality in Death Valley National Park (Mar 28)

Letter from Chief Jeff Wade to the Citizens of Blythe - Wade (Mar 28)

"Rocky Desert" - Moran Cartoon (Mar 22)

Response to Governor's Moratorium on the Death Penalty - Anderson (Mar 21)

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month (Mar 21)

Don't answer the telephone - Mollette (Mar 21)

Everyone must condemn Trump’s sly encouragement of lawless violence - Jackson (Mar 21)

Death investigation of a missing person (Mar 18)

Public's help is needed in locating two people involved in attempted murder (Mar 18)

Colorado River Fair 2019 (Mar 14-17)

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department - 2019 Women’s Symposium (Mar 16)

Border Patrol apprehends nearly 750 illegal aliens over the weekend (Español) (Mar 14)

Attempted Murder of Girlfriend (Mar 12)

$10 Million in State Funding to Address Homelessness in Riverside County (Mar 12)

Riverside Superior Court Accepting Civil Grand Juror Applications (Mar 12)

Opportunities Make America Great - Mollette (Mar 12)

Man found sleeping in car arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle (Mar 04)

Celebrate Dark Skies in Death Valley (Mar 1-3)

"Kickin Ma Dog" - Moran Cartoon (Feb 28)

Mother is arrested after her children found living in deplorable conditions (Feb 27)

Cannabis Tax Revenues for Fourth Quarter of 2018 (Feb 27)

What's really important in America? - Mollette (Feb 27)

Complete survey for chance to win $50 gift card (Feb 18)

Gamestop ordered to pay $500,000 for violating consumer protection laws (Feb 18)

Appropriation for Calexico West Land Port of Entry (Feb 18)

Arsonist who started the Cranston Fire last July is sentenced (Feb 18)

Collision on Twentynine Palms Highway & Utah Trail (Feb 17)

Suspected Fentanyl confiscated (Feb 17)

Holding My Stillborn Son - Mollette (Feb 17)

Sheriff’s Air Rescue Teams perform multiple swift water rescues (Feb 17)

"Time Machine" - Moran Cartoon (Feb 10)

World Dilemma Think Tank - Randles (Feb 09)

Palo Verde Community College Candidate Filing (Feb 09)

Man arrested for discharging a gun after threatening to kill himself (Feb 09)

Virginia Governor – Is Anybody Safe? - Mollette (Feb 09)

Search warrant results in two arrests (Feb 04)

Foreign Aid, Adjust and Repair - Mollette (Feb 04)

Man wanted for armed robbery here is also wanted for murder in other states (Feb 04)

Four arrests during a residential burglary investigation (Jan 29)

Massive Workers’ Compensation Fraud Case leads to Grand Jury Indictments (Jan 29)

Government Pay Days – Scary Future - Mollette (Jan 29)

Agents encounter gunshot victim and many other illegal aliens requiring medical treatment over the weekend (Jan 19)

Vicious attack by four dogs kills woman (Jan 19)

Imperial County Board of Supervisors Meeting Highlights for January 15 (Jan 19)

Kidnapped children rescued from dad (Jan 19)

CSUSB Palm Desert Campus to host 2019 Charles & Priscilla Porter Academic WorldQuest Competition (Jan 19)

Blythe Bluegrass Festival 2019 (Jan 18-20)

Trump's Wall and Illegal Prowlers - Mollette (Jan 19)

"Amazing Grace" - Moran Cartoon (Jan 08)

Woman arrested for arson (Jan 07)

Geese & Snow & Me - Randles (Jan 07)

Arrests after assaulting & leaving woman in the desert (Jan 07)

Woman arrested after assaulting victim with a sword (Jan 07)

Salton Sea receives national support in Farm Bill (Jan 03)

Assault at Motel 6 (Jan 03)

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