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Riverside County Off-Highway Vehicle Enforcement

March 13, 2020 New

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif – On Saturday, March 7, Riverside County Off-Highway Vehicle Enforcement (R.O.V.E.) Deputies deployed in the unincorporated areas of Moreno Valley. The primary goal was to reduce illegal off-roading, excessive noise activity, illegal shooting, and increase off-highway vehicle (O.H.V.) safety and education through citizen contacts, warnings, and citations.

In addition, efforts were made to increase safety for the Wild Burro Reserve in the area.

The deployment resulted in several contacts with off-road enthusiasts. R.O.V.E. Deputies warned these subjects of illegal off-roading and provided information on safe riding practices and legal venues within Riverside County.

The full time R.O.V.E. team is committed to ensuring public safety, education and quality of life throughout the county. To this end, R.O.V.E. will continue these types of operations throughout the year within the indicated areas and at various other locations within Riverside County.

Public inquiries related to O.H.V. issues can be made by accessing Any inquiries pertaining to O.H.V. issues and request for service within Riverside County should be directed to R.O.V.E. via our department’s non-emergent dispatch line @ 951-776-1099.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is seeking applicants for Deputy Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff Trainee, Correctional Deputy, Sheriff’s 911 Communications Officer, and other employment opportunities such as clerical and support positions. If you are interested in a career with us, please visit our recruiting page or call 1-888-Join-RSD

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